Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Try-em Out Tuesday..Running in Style

Hey all you lovely bloggers :) So we have a few different things to cover today.

First, I guess it’s time that I bite the bullet and admit that the Hubs has turned me into a runner!? After running my first 5 mile run on saturday I am now officially becoming addicted! so what better way to feed the addiction than to get new running clothes :) It is essential that we look stylish even out running on the streets…right ladies! Plus, new clothes was one way the Hubs knew would suck me in :0 I had also previously talked about the fact that my shoes were 5+ years old and my knees were hurting….and with the urging of the Hubs along with the advise of this lovely lady…I finally retired my old shoes and purchased some new ones!

However, I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money but I wanted shoes that would support my feet, ankles, etc…is that too much to ask?! Also, the throbbing ankles, knees and blisters told me I could put it off no longer! On sat the Hubs and I headed to a sporting goods store on a mission to find new shoes.

That was when I found these…

blog pics 009

New Balance running shoes…on sale for $35!! No way! Oh and they have hott pink..so therefore my color scheme emerged :)I was hesitant though, because they were so inexpensive I wasn’t sure they would really support my feet. I tried on several other pairs and even some of the top of the line that cost over $100…but overall these new wonders fit the best and for a steal!

so shoes..check! Now on to running clothes..

On sunday the Hubs and I headed to the Under Armor outlet for the rest of the running duds! We were really going to find him new clothes but he insisted that I get a reflective shirt so that I dont get hit by any cars :0

And what did they have…a hott pink warm weather running shell..OMG the trend continues :)I also got some new socks that are synthetic and have arch support so my feet don’t rub!  *see pictures on top

Now I have the style factor down ..but how do they perform?

I went for my first run in the new duds yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised! I wish I could say that they felt 100 times better..however running in new shoes is always an adjustment! I would however give all of these products a A. I think that once my body adjusts to the new shoes they will work wonders for my addiction..and hey a least I look cute!

I also want to say that I know good running shoes are worth the investment, however when you are running  15-30 miles a week you go through running shoes fairly quickly and personally I can’t afford spend over $100 every couple months for new shoes..so it is really great to find more affordable shoes that still provide the support I need! These are really great shoes and you can never go wrong with under armor running clothes!

I also wanted to let all you lovely ladies know how much I love this Dior mascara that i won from Becky


it is totally my new favorite mascara!! If you haven’t checked out her blog..well you need to! She is such a doll!

I hope you found this episode helpful :) Have a wonderful tuesday and thank you all for your encouragement yesterday during my freak out!! You ladies are amazing!


  1. Hi love, that really is a great deal for your shoes! You know, I really shouldn't have spent $100 on my shoes, because now I am afraid to wear them! Lol. That is such a good idea to go after bargains, especially since you are running so much. Which, by the way, I am so proud of you! My boyfriend got my hooked on jogging too, and yes, new clothing always helps a girl out! That mascara looks incredible...glad you are enjoying it! Have a fabulous week and have fun running in those new shoes; I'm sure you will break into them in no time!

  2. Anything is always a good excuse for new shoes and clothes :)

  3. Great find! My shoes last forever because I don't run much. I'm glad to hear the mascara was great. I'll have to check it out when I have some money.


  4. $35 only?!?!?! i love this post because i'm getting ready to run a marathon in October so i'll be shopping for running stuff this weekend! yay!! hehe!

  5. Good find! And cute clothes! I totally know what you mean about stylin' in the gym! It totally motivates me, even if I am working out!

    And thanks for the shout out! You are so sweet!

  6. Just stumbled across your blog and so glad I did. Too cute! Your dog is precious. Love it's little face. Only $35 for the kicks?!?! Awesome find. Happy Wednesday!

  7. Absolutely a great find.!! It seems that you got a great deal. Those New Balance running shoes look pretty cool and comfy.