Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stop the Slackerness!!

I hate to admit it but I have been a bit of a slacker when it comes to posting the wonderful awards bestowed on me from some fabulous bloggers!

Please know that I feel so honored and it totally makes my day…I just am not the quickest on turn-around!!

First, Alli made my day, life, week..with this award:


Thank you so much!!!

I am racking my brain to think of 7 things that I have had yet to reveal about myself…

1. I use sugar free coffee syrup in my oatmeal..and I have to have oatmeal every morning.

2. I am addicted to Diet Coke but I spend way too much money to buy the bottles instead of the cans.

3. I have had more jobs in the last 3 years than the rest of my life combined (We need to move b/c there is no where left for me to work in NJ)!

4. I go through paper towels quicker than you could ever imagine..thanks mom for that habit :)

5. I love to make gourmet food for the hubs every night but I then fix myself the same thing every night…which is mostly veggies..yumm!

6. I take the cheese off my pizza and just eat the crust (which the hubs likes cause then he gets the cheese).

7. I am in the process of starting an amazing etsy store for my mother-in-law and myself…updates soon!

well that’s about all of that..don’t worry I have many more weird traits that will be revealed eventually!

I want to know more about all of you so I am bestowing this award on all of my fellow readers! I know it is kind of a cop out but I just couldn’t decided. Please don’t feel obligated..but I would love to hear your 7 things! Thank you for being a faithful reader!

Now for the next wonderful goodness..

Brittany Ann bestowed on me this amazing award..


Thank you so much!!! I am totally honored :)

I loved reading about her t-shirt keepsake and it got me thinking…what do I like to collect that takes me back to different times in my life, that no matter how much I try not to I continue to buy more, that has got me through tough times, and that I can’t live without???

That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks …my Workout DVD’s!! please don’t judge!

blog pics 001 so I thought this was funny because apparently the charles is a camera hog and as soon as I sat down to take the pic…well you see how it turned out!

blog pics 002 a whole self dedicated to my obsession!

blog pics 003 some of my favorties!

I have gotten a pretty good collection going of all different types of workout dvds (but when the hubs asks.. I totally don’t have enough and need more..hehe)! I love them with all my wildly beating heart :) First let me say that I tend to get addicted to one thing and do it over and over again until I get tired of it  and then I move on. this happens with  my workout dvd’s, foods, tv shows, crafty projects and just about everything! However, my workout dvds take the brunt of this weird behavior. I find one dvd that I really get into and do it every morning till I can’t stand the thought of it again and then I move on to a new dvd.

Some of the things I love..

There are so many different dvd’s out there that when I get tired of one I can do the next.

I tend to stick to some of the same trainers..and I even start to feel like they are my workout friends (not in a crazy stalkerish kind of way though)!

If they are getting on my nerves too much I can just turn them on mute or turn them off.

I never have to worry about what I should wear because hey they wear the same thing every day!

When I go back to a dvd that I haven’t used for a long time I am immediately transported back to that time in my life. (which is one of my favorite things)

and lastly they always help me feel better when I have had a bad day!

Now I am going to pass this on to 10 other people to partake in the festivities. To clarify..You are suppose to write about a keepsake that is dear to you and tells something about you and pass it on to 10 other bloggers…

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Have fun girls!


  1. Thanks for the keepsake award love! I enjoyed learning more about you! I always run out of paper towels and wish I had more. :)

    I love that you have so many work out videos and I totally know what you mean about them becoming your friends. I just bought my first Biggest Loser DVD and it seriously works! It is very modivating so I'll have to build up my collection as well. You are inspiring me girl! You made me laugh when you mentioned that they never change their outfits because you watch the same one every day until you get sick of

    Happy working out love!

  2. Hello Joshley and Charles,
    It's so nice to meet you!
    I really apppreciate the kind visit to my blog. You're always welcome!

    Congrats on your well deserved awards! Your blog is wonderful and I enjoyed my visit here today. You have me thinking I need to pull out a workout DVD and get moving...:) I'll be back to visit you again soon.

    Have a blessed day my new friend.
    ~Warmly, Melissa :)

  3. It's so great to meet you!

    I have been trying to see how long I can go without using paper towels. It's tough! I kind of cheated and bought a package of napkins.

    Thanks for stopping by today! :0)

  4. wow that's quite the collection of workout DVDs! i love the shred!! and congrats on the awards!

  5. I wish I could be better about doing my workout dvds! You're so dedicated and all!

  6. So, is Joshley the dog or the Husband? I'm not sure yet b/c I haven't had a chance to put on my stalker boots, but I will know. I must know! And, maybe if I got a few more workout videos this whole flatter tummy thing would be more of a reality and less of a dream. Do they work at all if you just buy them and leave them in the general area where you would workout if you were going to? No? Dang it! Well, thanks for stopping by the blog yesterday. Hope to see you back soon:)

  7. Yay! Thank you so much!! Congrats to you on your awards!

    I go through paper towels like crazy too! I go through about 2 rolls per week.

  8. Just saw that you are a new follower and wanted to say hello! I too wear myself out on things (food in particual, but many other things as well). I become obsessed with it and then reach a point that I've overdone it so much that I want nothing to do with it again for a long, long while.

    Speaking of work out dvds - I'm breaking out my 30 day shred this weekend!! I haven't touched it in months and am ready to get my arse in gear.