Friday, February 13, 2009

Open Sesame..

It is amazing how the crazy little things provide a person with laughs for days. I am happy to announce that are precious pup is with us again. I picked up the butt waggin little guy during a wind storm and he was bouncing or being tossed everywhere so excited to be back with us. However, he started to get confused when we didn't return to the place he has known as "home" for the past year. There were little changes that he just wasn't sure what to do with.

Exhibit A: Automatic doors. There are two sets of automatic doors as we walk into our building and at first charlie was very unsure about how they opened and if he was allowed to go through them. Once he saw mama go through them though he figured it was okay and followed behind (although still don't think he likes the noise). Needless to say the Charles has gotten rather used to doors just opening as he walks through them (i know he's a little spoiled..not like he ever really opens doors on his own though). Yesterday Josh took the pup on a walk outside while I was cleaning the kitchen and all of the sudden I hear a big thud on the door. I run out to see what the noise was and there is a very stunned looking dog and josh cracking up...apparently charlie now thinks all doors should open automatically and he walked face first right into the closed door! Poor little he's a little more cautious although I have tried several times to see if he will do it again :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Are we moved yet????

I know that the typical saying is are we done yet (or are we there yet) but I feel like we are in this continual moving world lately! Let me first start off saying that I know that I probably make this moving process a lot harder than it should be...I mean maybe I should have waited to fully unpack until I knew we would be in the lodging longer than a week but I like to have all of my stuff in its proper place (you can say it I'm a little OCD)!

Today started out like any other day in our life of Temp lodging, nothing too big going on but just enough to keep me from being bored out of my mind. However soon all of that would change....
we got word we could move...OMG! Oh but before you get too excited for us we were just moving down the hall to pet friendly lodging. It was not totally what we had hopped for but at least we would get our dog back for the time being...oh how we have missed sloppy wet kisses and adorable puppy eyes! Don't get me Wong, I am so happy that we are getting him back but this did involve packing up all of our stuff (which we already determined maybe shouldn't have been fully unpack yet for reasons such as this) and move them to the other end of the building.

We rushed back and I started loading everything into any type of bag I could find while my wonderful husband carted all of our stuff down to the new room. We got everything moved in under two hours and I even cleaned out the fridge in the process...yes we have only been here for a week but I can accumulate a lot of food as my family knows very well!! The nice part was that the new room is laid out exactly like the old room so these isn't a huge adjustment process, i don't do well this adjustment processes.

Okay...confession it goes. Since the room was laid out the same I spent the rest of the afternoon making sure that everything was in the same place as it was in the old room. I know, I's a little crazy but it had worked so well this last week that I didn't want to change anything :)

There is still no more news on the ETA for the new house but as I said before I remain hopeful! At least for now our family will be back together :)
I am going to pick up the pup tomorrow after he has been freshly groomed and ready to go. He has this new obsession of marking everything inside new places as well as outside to stake his territory so hopefully he won't pee all over the new room :0

Although it has been nice to not have to worry about taking the Charles out to go potty or making sure he isn't eating everything in sight...each day it has been harder to be away from him!

Hang on Charlie we are coming soon......

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shopping Victory...Score!!

Any girl that has ever gone shopping for jeans knows the frustration on not finding anything that fits right and the pure joy when you come across the perfect pair of jeans! More often than not I find myself facing frustration as opposed to joy. However, it is not only the fit that you have to worry about but also the constantly changing trends make it almost impossible to keep up. One of the most popular trends right now is the skinny jeans. Now I know that everyone has them, but for so long I refused to give in to the trend and purchase a pair for myself. However, the more and more that I was confronted with this "new trend" the more I found myself getting sucked in :0
I finally decided to give in to the skinny jean phenomenon and I started my journey to find the perfect pair of skinny jeans. After many failed attempts and several stores later I found the perfect pair. The were the right length, fit in the legs and waist, and best of all they didn't significantly impact my bank account! Who knew Old Navy (one of my last stops) would be the victory winner! I loved these jeans and I was so excited to wear them.
After only two wears of the new jeans we packed up and moved to the temporary lodging. I was so careful to make sure and pack all of the clothes that I would need in the temp lodging separately so that they would not get put in storage. However, once we got settled I went to find my new jeans so that I could complete the outfit I had been brainstorming all morning and they were gone! I searched every place in our small quarters, both cars, and everywhere else I could think of. At last though I had to come to the conclusion that by some freak catastrophe my jeans were put in storage :(
I's okay it will probably be only a month at most. A month however is a very long time in the fashion world and my mind was not willing to admit the jeans were gone. I tried to ignore all of the cute outfits popping into my head centered around these new jeans (isn't it funny how you always want what you don't or can't have at the time). Finally though I broke down and decided to buy another pair..hey that way when we do move I will have two pairs.
There was one problem though...I couldn't find them anymore!! I went to two different old navy's and neither one had my size anymore. I was getting very discouraged! I held on hope though because in the words of my sis.."skinny jeans have magical powers" and today the third time was the charm!
As I walked to the jean area of the third old navy I couldn't help but hold my breath..would they have them? I looked and there they jeans in my size...could it be true!! Just to make sure I tried them on and they fit even better than the other pair! OMG! I was so excited and now I don't have to get sad every time a new outfit pops into my mind!
Thanks for hanging in there for my odd little story...i know, I have such an interesting and exciting life :)

Please Bear with this Baby blogger :)

Hi y'all!

I just have to say that I am totally new to this whole blog world so please bear with me as I am trying to learn the ropes :) To add to my slow learning ability our Internet connection has been as you would say not all that dependable of late and every time I try to change something or learn how to customize my blog even more the Internet gives out on me..grr!!! Anyways..hopefully I will prove to be a quick learner and I appreciate your patience along the way!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome to Our Crazy Life!

Soooo after being a faithful reader of a dear friends blog for almost two years now I finally decided to leave my post as an observer and become a newly acclaimed (well self-acclaimed) participant! I also thought it would be a good way to keep everyone so far away from us updated on our life here in wonderful New Jersey. I mean I know our life is boring and never changes but I'm sure I can make it sound interesting. Haha Anyone who has talked to me in the last few years knows that last sentence is a lie since I have literally changed jobs and places of residence more times than need to be mentioned.

On that note I thought I would provide a little summery of what these last two years have involved....

In March of 2007 I married the love of my life in the best city in America (duh the field of the Bakers). My amazing husband then carted me away to the most wonderful hotel ever: The Ritz Carlton in sunny San Fransisco. Oh and if you ever go there you have to go to the Sunday brunch in the Mark Hopkins Hotel (top of the Mark) yummy! We had the most amazing time and ended our honeymoon in New Port, RI. We then hauled all of my stuff to the Great State of New Jersey where Josh is Stationed and had been living for most of the year before. I am not going to was a hard transition. In the first two months of our marriage Josh went from working the day shift to the mid shift to the night shift..oh and did I mention that we were a one car family at the time. Oh yeah and we have also changed cars a lot during the last two years :) I also had the great joy of learning how to navigate my way around New Jersey without GPS. For those of you who don't know what jug-handles are..well..lets just say you don't want to know. However, as hard as the adjustment was to this new life I can't even express how wonderful it was to finally be Mrs. Joshua Reno and starting our new life together!!

Josh continued growing in his career and I settled in to the new apartment and got rid of all of the lovely (or not so lovely) bachelor items. I loved shopping and decorating our new little place. I relished in my new role as housewife and stated cooking and cleaning anything I could. Our place was small though and two people can only eat so much, and I soon realized how bored I was (for those of you who have seen my room you know how I don't really thrive in clean areas)! That is when my addiction to finding and starting new jobs started. We experienced our first military separation in July of 2007 when Josh was deployed for the first time for two months and I returned to Cali for a month.

When Josh returned we decided to make the first addition to our family and in September of 2007 we welcomed our new Yellow Lab puppy into our home: Charles Dyson Hoover Bartowski Reno III..or Charlie for short. Let's just say the Charles has provided us with many laughs and tears throughout the last year and a half!! one told me how much work having a puppy would be or how expensive they are!!! let's just say we new we weren't ready for kids anytime soon! I really do consider Charles our first born and boy have we learned a lot from him (and don't worry I do know there are a lot of differences between a dog and a kid)! As the puppy continued to grow our apartment soon started to seem smaller and smaller and the stairs up and down to take him potty started to become more annoying than ever! soo...we found a nice house with a yard and in January 2008 moved into our first rented house. Charles soon discovered many ways to entertain himself including ripping out the heating tube underneath the house and allowing us to heat the outside for about a month (no joke)! I do truly believe though that we could not have survived this last year without a yard! Charles loved to run around and explore all parts of the yard although his favorite thing to do was see how many different ways he could get out of the yard and visit his friends in the neighborhood! A big shout out to all of our neighbors who rescued the escaped pup numerous times throughout the year.

However the long drive to work everyday for Josh (about 40 minutes) and the fact that Charles was starting to eat everything in site in our house while we were gone (including a bag of m&m's, pillows, swiffer dusters, Dewar's chews, outlet protectors, etc.) proved that it was time to move on base. Unfortunately though after many miscommunication and who knows what else the base house wasn't ready and our lease was up and we were homeless!!! We are in a time of limbo right now and living in temporary lodging on base. Our poor Charles who we miss dearly is at his puppy camp (most people know them as kennels). But don't worry because we have been granted visitation rights so we can see him when we want. We are hoping to move soon to the new house but for now all we can do is wait. We have found a nice church though and have made some good friends so far and God had definantly streched both of us in ways we never thought possible.

Thank you all for hanging in there for this long re-cap of our past two years!!! I look forward to sharing our everyday experiences with our friends and family all over the country!