Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Life update and another marathon in the books..

I have been MIA a lot lately and although I am still enjoying reading all of your all blogs I am starting to miss writing! To say there has been a lot going on would be an understatement so I am only going to recap the big things with the hope of actually writing regularly so these random recaps aren't necessary :) I think the hardest part of not writing for a while is knowing where to begin so these probably won't be in order:

- Hudson is now 10.5ish months and I can't believe he is so close to a year! He doesn't even look like a baby anymore :) He pulls himself up on everything and can stand on his own for about 5-10 seconds before he sits down. He has totally started cruising on furniture and I know walking is just on the horizon. I know everyone says that life gets even more crazy then but he is so active already and is a super fast crawler that I can't really see it getting any worse (I guess you will have to ask me in a few months)! He is such a fun little guy though and is always smiling. He is not shy at all and loves to "talk". It cracks me up that whenever he sees his reflection he says hi :)
He recently learned how to climb the stairs so no place is safe anymore (we do have baby gates but they don't fit and we haven't had time to exchange them).
- the hubs is back from his deployment and it is so amazing to have him back! He did, however, start a new job on base so we never see him and i still feel like a single parent 75% of the time but at least he is home :)
- I started working part time (20 hours a week) which we are starting to get the hang of. Huds goes to a home based daycare 2.5 days a week and I think he enjoys being around other kids. I am enjoying working some And am very grateful to have this opportunity that doesn't take me out of the house and away from my baby all week :) the first week was tough but the second week went better which gives me hope :)
- back in January the hubs and I signed up to run the AF marathon (my second full marathon) and decided to make a big trip out of it since his family lives in the area the race was. Due to the hubs being deployed for most of the training time and trying to train with a baby we really fell behind. I was really nervous but the hubs kept telling me that we would just have fun, that it would be a good time just the two of us for 4-5 hours. That was great until he came home a few weeks before and said due to work stuff he isn't able to get the time off and I would have to go by myself. Both of us were not happy but i made myself get over it (or at least seemed like I was) and this weekend Hudson and I headed to Ohio and although I had only trained up to 12-13 miles I made it through the marathon and the plane rides with a 10 month active boy and don't want to have to do it again :) I am planning on posting a longer race recap so get ready for that!

Well although there is so much more I can talk about I am going to save that for another time :) I'm not sure if anyone checks this anymore but I thank you if you do and please know that I have been loving reading your blogs!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Trying to get back in it

Who knew that being a new mom with a deployed husband would make my blog suffer so much! Not like I was super good at blogging before but now every time that I think of a post to write I lose the motivation before I can get it out of my head. I know I'm not the only one with a crazy life but blogging is one of the easier things to let go (maybe I should blog instead of watching the real housewives and I am not specifying which one because I watch them all besides Atlanta). It also hasn't helped that my computer is dying and so I do everything off my iPad now....but I am trying out this new blogger app so hopefully it will help me get back into it!

Hudson will turn 6 months on the third and I can't believe my baby is getting so old! He changes so much day by day and luckily we get to Skype with the hubs daily so he gets to see most of the changes :) we have been really busy and I was going to recap everything but instead I think I am going to start fresh and just go from here on out. I will say though that when the hubs is away it is true everything breaks or you get a flat tire or get in a car accident inside a car wash or your baby rolls off the bed twice in one week and you realize you can no longer leave him unsupervised unless he is on the floor or secured in the jumper or swing :) however now that he has almost started to crawl I am sure the floor option will be gone soon too!

Anyways, I am not sure if anyone reads this anymore but if you do just know that I have still been reading blogs just not commenting or writing anything. We do have a lot of fun stuff coming up that I hope to blog about and I am planning on doing a recap of my first 1/2 marathon since the birth of Hudson that took place last week.

But no post would be complete without some pictures of my little man (I am hoping they show up since I haven't used this app before)!

Monday, February 6, 2012

The 3 month Catch up and an intro into single parenthood

I can not believe that it has been three months since I have posted something! It would be an understatement to say that our life has been a little busy as of late. Where to even begin?? Well since the last post was on Hudson’s birth story I will ease your mind and let you know that Hudson just turned 3 months and is doing great!

One of the biggest changes in our daily life (besides having a little adorable baby requiring lots of attention) is that now I am a single parent. Now before anyone freaks out I am still happily married but the hubs just happens to be on the other end of the globe right now which leaves me as a single parent for the next 6 months. You see about 8 months into my pregnancy, just when the hubs had returned from his final summer all expense paid military vacation and I thought we were in the clear for a while regarding him being away, he comes home from work and drops that news that every military wife dreads hearing - deployment. Not to mention that I was 8 months pregnant so that meant he would be leaving shortly after Hudson was born.

We still kept all of the plans that we had made for the holiday season and decided to make the most of the time we had together as a family of three (or four including the Charles) before the Hubs headed out. He was scheduled to leave anywhere between mid-december and mid-january so we all prayed for the mid-january so that he could celebrate Hudson’s first christmas with him. Luckily our prayers were answered and the hubs didn’t have to leave till mid-january..yay! As thrilled as we all were to get the extra time together, we also jam packed the time which is why you haven’t heard from me in soooo long! So without further ado I am going bullet point style and recaping these last three months (don’t pee your pants in excitement!)

- November 3rd our darling Hudson was born (best day ever I might add)

- My mom had arrived the week before his birth and stayed two weeks. My dad and sis joined us on the final week of my mom’s stay and everyone’s world revolved around Hudson.


- Hudson experienced his first Faux hawk


- the day my family left my MIL arrived and a few days later my SIL joined us for a small family thanksgiving. There was turkey, there was brisket (yes you read that right), there was all the fixings and most importantly there was Hudson in his turkey best :)


- Once thanksgiving was over and the family had all left we got in the car and made the cross-country trek to Washington DC for my FIL retirement from the Air Force. This was Hudson’s first car trip and he did amazing. It is crazy to think that this boy has been more places in his 3 months of life than I had been at 18 years old! We were in DC for about a week and then headed back to Utah. Here are some pics from the trip (although I hardly got any).

384375_645946552184_141300318_33863504_1689464433_n Hitting the road

378022_646386789944_141300318_33867188_1468258513_n Road trip Hudson style :)

377361_647254091864_141300318_33869974_100923155_n Hudson and Hobbs become best buds :)

- While we were in DC we were able to meet up with some good college friends which we have already drafted the paperwork for our new little bundles to be wed when the reach the marrying age (not really but I am sure that is what we will continually tell them!)


385005_648267545894_141300538_33874004_1440952401_n The gang

- On December 3rd Hudson turned a month old


- Hudson also got to experience his first ride on the Charles


- We had about two weeks at home before the hubs family came for Christmas. During this time the hubs left for a short training trip and this was my first time with just me, Hudson and Charlie. It was a reality check for what was to come for sure! I did have a mini meltdown as to how I was going to handle it once the hubs really left but after crying to my mom and getting past the first day it wasn’t too bad.

- We had an amazing time with the hubs family and a pretty low key but great christmas! And of course as with most of everything now it all revolved around Hudson :)


- The week after the hubs family left we had Hudson dedicated and had amazing love and support from our Home group out here :)





Well I don’t want to make this post supper long so I am going to continue the catch up in the next post..

Also, I am going to try to blog on a weekly basis about my experience as being a single parent during the first 8 months of Hudson’s life and how it is to have the hubs deployed (part for my record and part to help anyone else in this situation, military or not).

Hopefully you haven't all already taken me off you read list :)