Thursday, March 31, 2011

9 Weeks

I am really excited to present to the blog world my first Bambino update :)

9 weeks belly 2

9 weeks belly

*note to you all it might not look like it that much but I am already starting to get a little baby pooch. These were taken right after I got up close and personal with the toilet but I knew if I waited to take them later I would forget :)

How far along? 9 Weeks :)

Baby's size? Little Bambino is now the size of a green olive

Weight Gain? I have no idea. I haven’t weighed myself  in a while (on purpose). I had to gain some weight to get pregnant and I knew looking at the number would freak me out so I didn’t weigh myself. At the first OB appointment I didn’t look but I think I might suck it up and weigh myself just to keep track. I’m a little nervous about gaining too much weight. We shall see if I get up enough nerve :)

Maternity clothes? I actually did buy a pair of maternity jeans that allow me to wear flats (all my non-maternity jeans are really long). I love them!  I have decided that since I like my jeans on the loose side I would rather not feel them get tighter on me..I guess I like being oblivious.

Stretch marks? None yet but I really do need to start putting on lotion or they are going to sneak up on me.

Belly button in or out? In

Sleep? Very nice. I am getting really nauseous at night but as soon as I hit the pillow I'm out. I usually have to get up to go pee about 2-3 times so not bad. Sometimes if I get up then the nausea hits and it takes me a while to get back to sleep.

Foods I am loving? Fruit..I am totally craving fruit! Also, for a person that doesn’t like meat that much I sure have been craving it a lot. Which is good because I know the little bambino needs protein. I have also been loving yogurt. I have to carry around my trusty saltine crackers although more out of necessity than taste. Oh and pizza :)

Foods I am hating? Sweets. I had a huge sweet tooth before getting pregnant and now even the thought of sugar makes my stomach lurch. I guess that’s good because then I don’t eat it.

Best moment this week? Well this was actually a few weeks ago but getting to see the little bambino and hear the heartbeat!

Movement? None yet.

Symptoms? Oh the nausea :( I am lucky that I am not sick all day but at least the last week I throw up once in the morning and just feel sick the rest of the day. I am also very tired.

Gender? Can’t wait to find out!!

What I miss? Waking up in the morning and not throwing up. I used to be such a morning person but now I dread it. I wouldn’t give it up for anything! Overall I am so grateful to be pregnant!

What I'm looking forward to? Making it to the 2nd trimester and our next OB appointment on April 14th.

Milestone: Hearing the heartbeat :)

Emotions: Well I have to say that my emotions tend to be all over the place but pure joy and excitement are the main ones. I am trying not to worry too much and I have decided that although it is good to be aware of what can go wrong, I can’t read a lot about it because then I get all freaked out.


  1. I know! I am a totally crazy sweet tooth person and it went away with pregnancy, but it came back after the first trimester was over! So excited for you!

  2. Yay! The first update!

    Sorry you're feeling bad right now! I hope that passes VERY quickly!

  3. So exciting! Happy 9 weeks! You look great.

    And stop reading about what all can go wrong! You are going to have a wonderful pregnancy and birth :)

  4. Wahhh! so many bloggy ladies are pregnant! CONGRATULATIONS!!! It's going to be a great journey :)

  5. You look great! It's good to get a baseline pic. My sweet tooth disappeared while I was pregnant too, but now it's back with a vengance. :-/ Don't read all that stuff about what can go wrong - I would get freaked out too, and you don't need that with all the normal hormones and emotions too! "What To Expect" was the worst for that. I'm praying for you and the baby to stay healthy, and I hope you feel better soon!

  6. yay! this is so exciting! congrats! :)

  7. Love the first baby update :)

    Haha! You'll look back on your 9 week baby pooch in about 20 weeks and think "oh gracious...if only I could look like that again!" ;) Looking at my 13 week picture and remembering how huge I felt cracks me up now!

    I also craved healthy stuff (fruit) and lost my appetite for sugar in the first trimester...weird how that works! Oh, and take it from someone who completely freaked themselves out and went into NOT read the internet. Do NOT google symptoms or anything about pregnancy. All you will do is get a bunch of stuff that's randomly rare or horrid and think that the baby inside you won't possibly make it out alive because of all the things that will go wrong. You'll be afraid to do anything! And don't read a bunch of pregnancy books either. They'll freak you out too. I found that sticking to my weekly update on and asking my midwife questions was all I needed. It's good to know what to avoid and all, but just be careful. Too much info is not a good thing...especially when your hormones are running amuck already. My husband had to ban me from looking anything up or reading anything whenever I wondered if my symptoms were normal.

    Praying all goes well! Can't wait for many weekly updates to come! :)

  8. 1. love love love this!!
    2. enjoy that innie while you can belly button popped early, at like 11 weeks and is just getting flatter and flatter!
    3. i totally craved fruit in the first trimester and haven't wanted ANYTHING sweet until the last week or so. and normally i hate yogurt but i can't get enough of it now! therefore in my preggo opinion (which is often wrong but whatever), i'm going to change my current guess to say that baby reno is actually a girl :)
    4. it's probably too early yet, but take note in a few weeks of how the charles acts around you. i think callie's realizing i'm pregnant and she's extra snuggly with me and a bit more gentle (which for her is a big deal haha). dogs seem to sense when something's different about their momma :)
    5. i can't say enough how much i loved this post and how excited we are for you guys!!!!

  9. I loved reading this! So happy for you!

  10. You sound just like me. I dreaded the mornings until I was about 19 weeks along. Because even on my good morning sickness days, I knew I'd throw up at least once, and it was always about 4 minutes after waking up. (The nausea does stick all day, ick, though.) Luckily(?) you do kind of get in a pattern of it! Then you start just dreading the bad days, where NOTHING stays down.

    The fruit craving stayed with me, too. It's still here. Embrace it! Fruit is better than other carbs and has good nutrients for babies!

  11. Hey love it was nice to hear your update and I can't wait to see you again as your baby belly grows! How exciting to hear the heart beat and also good job on the worrying. Worrying a bit is normal. xo! Have a safe and happy trip! :)