Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Try-em Out Tuesday.....eye magic ;)

Hey guys....sorry for the late post this week! Well i'm back from the death run and I am writing this so you guessed it..I didn't die and I'm not laying passed out on the side of the road (reference previous post)!

Anyways...moving on :) I have the most amazing mother ever..she is seriously like my best friend (and i'm not just saying this b/c she is reading it)! Growing up she became an expert eye-brow and face waxer and tried with all of her might to keep my hairy face groomed (let's just say i am not the best about maintenance but I think we have already figured that out)! When I moved away I no longer had the convenience of mom's waxing service and so I ...gasp...had to pay other people to do it for me!! and yeah that made maintenance even more infrequent :)

Therefore I have been on a search for an easy, low cost, hassle free and cheap way to wax myself. My mom has all of the tools and equipment but I, being the lazy one, didn't want to carry those around in my numerous moves and I have tried nair before and have not be impressed.

This is when I found the product that will change your waxing life forever (and in a good way)...

Nad's Facial Hair Wand

I can't even say how much I love this stuff!!
One of the best parts is that it is different than wax so you don't have to heat it up and it isn't as sticky, but works just as well!! The wand has a narrow top that is easy to guide along the line of your eyebrow and then it comes with strips of fabric and a wooden stick to apply after and remove the hair. Oh and it really doesn't hurt...seriously (or maybe my nerves are just dead there now)!
I use it for my eyebrows, lip and chin (yes I am a very hairy lady). I after I am done it is a very easy clean up and I believe that it even washes off of fabric if you wanted to re-use the fabric (which I don't and you can buy refills for cheap at Sally's beauty supplies). This is a total must have product and I give it an A!
You can buy it at target or other drugy store places and I think it is under $10..which is less than one eye-brow appointment! Also, although it looks small it really last for a while b/c you don't need a lot at one time!
I hope this product will help you fulfill all of you waxing dreams...oh and you can go to their website www.nads.com for a tutorial of how to apply it :)
Happy Tuesday (I am going to go collapse now)!


  1. oohh neat! great review!! i'm a freak about eyebrows and keeping them nice, so this would be perfect!

  2. um, I have to get this. You know how ridiculously hairy I am. I can't afford to get waxed every week, but seriously! After just two, my mustache is like getting in my coffee during the morning as I try to daintaly sip it!!! Eeek!

    Must pick this up on my next shopping trip! Thanks, friend!

  3. I might just have to try, but only because you swear it doesn't hurt. I had my bikini line waxed before my honeymoon(TMI...sorry) and I wanted to die.

  4. this will come in handy for the summer! hahahaha! happy tuesday (whatever's left of it!) :)

  5. Oh I would love to try that! I wonder if i'd be too scared to pull it off.

  6. THIS is exactly what I need, seriously. I used to get my eyebrows waxed but had a bad accident when a lady burned my skin one day...since then I haven't been back. This product seems like what I need, so thank you!

    Oh and thanks for the doggie advice and prayers. I know a dog is a huge responsibility so that is why I want to make the correct decision. Thanks for your sharing and hopefully I'll figure out the best decision soon. :)

  7. That is so awesome I just paid $40 for a wax a few weeks ago...darn!

  8. There's an award for you on my blog.

  9. ahh thank you so much for posting this!! i have been looking for good at-home wax for so long but was never really sure what would really work well, so this was extremely helpful :D

  10. looks like my previous comment did not make it:(

    anyhow, LOL about Olive Oyls comment! Too funny that girl!

    and SO fun that you are a fellow Hume Laker!