Thursday, November 19, 2009

Silence is not always golden..

It seems that every night, whether we walk him or not, the Charles goes into a whiney mode and literally whines for like forever unless we get up and play with him! So annoying when you are trying to watch tv and just chill.

Last night we let him outside and then neither of us wanted to get up to let him in (usually he jumps on the door till we let him back in).

This is what happens when you ignore him long enough that he becomes silent..

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But who can stay mad at a cute dog like this..

blog pics 223

he’s saying he’s sorry!! The hubs was a champ though and took out the vacuum and get this turned it on and vacuumed up the mud the Charles tracked in! And yes, that did cause the Charles to go a little nuts :)

Oh and here for your viewing pleasure is the Charles watching a commercial with another dog in it…

Have a great day! Hopefully it works (the video)!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Charles and the Vacuum :0

So I couldn’t go too long without giving you another funny story via the Charles! Usually when I vacuum the house I leave the Charles inside and he run around like a mad dog. I used to lock him outside but he tends to act out if he thinks he is missing all the fun (ie the vacuum) and would dig holes and then track in dirt on my freshly vacuumed carpet…kind of defeats the purpose! So I decided that I would rather just vacuum around him and have fun cracking up as my lunatic dog goes crazy!

Also, I am not the best at getting all the vacuuming done at one time and so I will vacuum the downstairs and then leave it out for the upstairs. I quickly learned that this might not be the best idea because Charlie has to stake his dog/man claim and starts barking and growling at it. It totally freaked me out the first couple times because he doesn’t bark that often and when he does I am totally caught off guard (and usually spill whatever I am holding at the time)!

The hubs came back from our recent cali vacation about a week before I did and when I got back he was like “it was fun, I chased the Charles around with the vacuum”! My first thought was “how sweet, you vacuumed!” why do I even try to fool myself! Not so! you see the hubs literally took out the vacuum and basically chased the Charles all around the house without the vacuum even being on or plugged in! It is hysterical to watch. Charlie has some great height on him and can totally clear the the couch (both from the front and back)! How could I be upset about that…I couldn’t stop laughing!

I love my crazy men! Have a great day :) Oh and I will try to get a video of it before we move so I can hopefully post it and you can all see what i’m talking about!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A pain in my buttocks..

So now that my little fertility secret is out there I can share with you some of the unpleasenties that come along! First I have to say that I DO NOT do good with needles, seriously, I am a self proclaimed fainter and proud of it. So when the nurses first explained that not only would I have to have numerous shots, I would have to give them to myself, I was totally freaked out and ready to run!

I had to go to the dr’s office to be shown how to shoot myself up and then I was left to fend for myself..ayaya! The first night was totally the hardest as I sat on the edge of the couch for like 10 minutes with the needle in one hand and pinching my skin in another trying to get up enough guts to just go for it! Once the first shot was over I was like “oh that wasn’t so bad” and fortunately it just got easier each time (which is good since I was given like 5 million chances to practice)! I have also been getting my blood taken like every other day and the hubs is making fun on me saying i look like a junkie :)

The only thing slightly less freaky than personally inserting the needle into myself is the Hubs having to give me a shot! Yeah he wasn’t too thrilled about it either. You see there is one shot that has to go into the muscle of the buttocks (which I can’t reach) so the Hubs gets the fun job! And he did amazing! It defiantly was a little more uncomfortable than the other shots but not bad…till the next day!

Oh my word, who knew you use your Butt muscles so much! Yeah, yesterday I could barley walk. I didn’t even think about the fact that since it was going into the muscle it might be sore after, and what better place to be sore than on your butt that is involved in basically everything that you do! Oh and did I mention that it must have affected my sense of judgment because I proceeded to run 4 miles with the Hubs later and that about did me in! Luckily, I am starting to feel better today but I just feel like my body is so out of whack!

For all of you who have had to go through this or are still in the process I give you major props and prayers. It is not an easy thing, but not matter what it is worth it because even if we never get a baby out of this, it is bringing the Hubs and I more closer together and I know God will use it for His glory!

Oh and I promise next post will be less whiney! Have a great night :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Big-semi announcement..

Okay so first I think it is totally hilarious that everyone jumped to prego right away..but I guess I can’t blame you! I won’t hold you in suspense any long though….

I’m not prego…yet! The announcement is however still something that is going to change our current life situation. What you ask? Well it is two different things. You all weren’t so far off with the pregnancy thing. The hubs and I have been going through infertility treatments for the past month and a half, and boy they never warn you that you sign your life away to the drs office when you start this..not to mention that our doc is about 40 minutes away from our house and I been going there every day for the past week! Anyways, we are really excited to be hopefully starting this new life stage soon. I was really overwhelmed at first but now I am use to it. I am truly learning what it will be to have your body no longer be your own (as in the baby’s once I get prego). Believe me with all the ultrasounds and tests and assigned “relations” my vajayjay hasn’t seen this much action…well ever! Sorry if that was too much info :) We are in a critical time frame right now so who knows we might have another big announcement coming again soon!

We are trying really hard to trust God and his timing. I know that it is ultimately up to Him and we knows what will be best! It is hard not to get my hopes up but I have faith that if this isn’t the right time the when it does happen it will be perfect.

As if this isn’t enough change for us there is another big announcement. We just found out on thursday that the hubs is getting deployed for 4 months starting mid-december. We had talked about possibilities if this happened but then we had decided that it wouldn’t so it had been the last thing on my mind (doesn’t that always happen?)! So here is what we have decided…

We are moving out of our house and putting all our stuff in storage and I am moving to Cali for the 4 months! Bako here I come!! I am really going to miss the hubs (more than I can even say), but I am looking forward to getting to spend some time with the fam and I am really proud of him for being so willing to serve his country. And yes it will be interesting what happens with the pregnancy but again we are praying and trusting God with his timing.

So the Charles and I are making the road trip to cali where I will once again live under my parents roof :) It’s always weird to stay for a long period of time now that I married (without the hubs), but I can’t wait! It will totally make it a lot easier to be away from the hubs.

Why are we moving out of our house you ask? Good question! Well we are going to be moving anyways about 2 months after the hubs gets back from the desert so we thought this would be a good way to be able to save a good chunk of money (our housing allowance) and I wasn’t too thrilled with saying here by myself anyways!

So fair warning..this next few weeks are going to be very crazy! We have to basically get everything pack up and moved and all the logistics worked out in the next few weeks and we are still planning a trip to cali for thanksgiving too! I am also trying to figure out what to do about Christmas since we were suppose to spend it with the hubs family and now he won’t be here..sadness! 

Anyways, that is what has been keeping me so crazy lately! I am sorry that I have been absent and I will provide you a vacation recap soon! Please keep us in your prayers during these next few weeks..there's a lot of change a head for us!

Oh and did I mention that my hormones are out of control lately..poor hubby!

Friday, November 13, 2009

After the long pause…I’m alive!

Okay folks, I am so so sorry that I have been such a terrible blogger! Things have been incredibly out of control and I have neglected all of you…can you please forgive me?? I couldn’t go a moment longer with out taking a rare minute that I have right now to at least let you know I am alive and I still love you all!

A huge recap and updates will becoming in the next few days as well as a big announcement..

For right now here are some pics of the last month..oh and don’t think I have forgot, I did cut my hair. Thank you all for your advise and appreciated!! I will have pics of that soon too..

Sorry this isn’t much info for right now..don’t hate me!

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Don’t worry there will be more to come along with a ton more info! Have a wonderful night all you wonderful bloggers :)