Friday, July 24, 2009

Early on-set Alzheimer’ age 25?

Okay so I don’t really have alzheimer’s but sometimes I totally feel like it! I know my forgetfulness happens a lot of times when I am distracted but still sometimes it’s just ridiculous! I either do something and totally don’t remember doing it, or can’t find essential things or just totally space out!

For example, the other day we decided to celebrate the good weather (and the fact that we actually at the beach..well a timeshare by the beach) and go lay out at the pool. Normally I am good at prepping my skin for summer by going tanning so I don’t burn (since I have pasty white skin). However, this year I didn’t and I also didn’t really feel like hurting the whole week so I was really good about putting sunscreen on (or so I thought). It was a good time of laying out by the pool, relaxing reading, and good conversations.

As the night progressed I started to notice that my right arm was starting to hurt and was really hot. Finally I looked in the mirror and this is what I saw…

blog pics 005 blog pics 004

blog pics 006 

The right side was defiantly bright red and burnt while the left was still it’s natural pasty white color..what the heck?! I racked my brain to remember if that side had been in the sun more..but no it was actually my left side that had been more in the sun. This totally doesn’t make sense! After a few minutes of being really hit me…when I was being so good about sun screening my exposed epidermis I had one of my total space out moments and put sunscreen on my left arm twice and totally missed my right! Really?! sometimes I wonder about my own sanity!

What are some of you crazy forgetful moments? Any good sunscreen stories?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Off he went, in to the wild blue yonder…

Hello! My name is Lauryn and my blog home is over at LauReality. I want to thank 20-Something Bloggers for giving me the chance to discover a whole new network of bloggers! I've enjoyed checking out Ashley's adorable page and all of her wonderful commenters!

Reading about Ashley and her Air Force hubby reminded me of my own personal experience with that branch of the military. The Air Force has always been my favorite of the armed services. They're the ones I've learned the most about and actually had some interaction with, and who doesn't look good in those Blues? In all honesty, the reason for my military favoritism has to do with my high school boyfriend and the fact that he joined the Air Force after graduation.

Being the naive, yet supportive high school girlfriend that I was, I made sure I had the hats, the sweatshirts, the coffee mugs, the bumper stickers... I even considered going to college in Colorado to be near him at the Air Force Academy. Thankfully I came to my senses and realized that our relationship was not the stuff of great romance, but rather the stuff of kids who knew very little about life. We learned a lot from each other, but eventually we parted ways. Our relationship may not have moved any mountains, but it's what has happened since we broke up that has really stuck with me.

While we were together this boyfriend (let's call him Bob) had only planned to take a few classes at a community college and become a mechanic. He was a talented athlete who had lots of interests, but no one had ever given him the motivation to reach for those goals and he struggled quite a bit academically. Throughout our relationship I had always encouraged Bob to go after those more lofty aspirations and to apply to some good schools. As he neared graduation, he was being pursued by several incredible schools. I kept encouraging him. Heck, I even helped him write his admissions essays (remember the part where I mentioned being naive? yeah).

Bob went on to do great things. He eventually ended up at the University of Michigan, with his tuition being paid for by the Air Force. He's watching his professional dreams come true, and I'm very happy for him. For years after we separated he's told me that if it weren't for my support and encouragement, he would still be living in our hometown fixing cars. I honestly couldn't be happier for all that he's accomplished. He deserves happiness as much as anyone, but I also can't help but notice the irony.

According to him, because of my encouragement Bob graduated from one of the best schools in the country. And yet here I am unsure that I'll be able to find a job, wondering how I'll ever repay my student loans. Note to 17-year-old self: Apparently writing kick ass essays for someone else does little to further one's own career.

Whenever I think of the Air Force, I'm reminded of a time in my life when I was less concerned with asking questions and more focused on creating opportunity. In the end, you never know what kind of lasting impression a person will have on you. We really can't discount any of the relationships that come our way, because there's no way of knowing what direction your life will take for having walked alongside them. When it comes to life and love and learning, the sky's the limit!

Monday, July 20, 2009

60 Pound bag..

Right now I am typing this from Cali!! Whoot Whoot :)

I know that the economy is facing some hard times but seriously..the baggage fees for airlines are ridiculous! As if flying hadn’t gotten annoying enough going through security, now you have to worry about paying for you bags too (and all those people who “never heard of the change in policy”!) Since now they charge you for both bags I was trying to be a frugal flyer and get all of my stuff packed into one big bag with one carry on (not an easy thing to do when I will be gone for 3 weeks and as Tori Spelling says.. “You have to have many options for the different moods you are in” true!) Anyways, I got everything situated just right the night before I headed out to the airport with just the last minute things to put in the bag in the morning.

Everything was good to go until I picked up my bag to take downstairs and realized that it seemed exceptionally heavy. Oh no! Am I going to go over the weight allowance (don’t even get me started on that..grr). The Hubs tried to weight the bag (by weighing himself and then himself with the bag) and said it was 51 pounds which is just one pound over the allowance. Good I thought, I can just shuffle a few things around when I get there.

Let me just add in really quick that I had first planned on just dealing with the fees and packing too bigger bags so that I wouldn’t have to worry about the weight or room. However, I was trying get around spending the excess money and decided to forgo that idea and just bring a smaller carry-on.

Okay now that I have said that I will continue..

So I get to the check-in area and boy was it crowed! Also, apparently now American Airlines has it where you have to do the self check-in and then get in line and have them weigh your bags..not a very smart or efficient way of doing it if you ask me. As I got in line to check in I saw a scale so I weighed my bag..60 pounds..there is no way?! The Hubs couldn’t be that off! I totally thought the scale was broken or something and decided to ignore what it was telling me (always believe airport scales). I did the whole self check-in thing and then moved to the next line for the baggage all the time nervous that maybe the scale was truthful.

Oh and let me just vent some more by saying that it is totally crazy that it cost more to pay an overage fee than it does to just pay for another bag..what is up with that!

As I approached the lady at the counter almost in panic mode..what am I going to do if it is over? There is no way I am going to pay an extra $50! I set the suitcase on the scale and saw the number…59 pounds..oh no! And here is the convo that came next..

Me: oh no let me move some stuff around

lady: okay but hurry there is a long line

Me: okay give me one sec (as I open my bags and try to move everything around..why oh why did I put my undies on top?)

Me: okay let’s see now

Lady: it’s 55 pounds

me: I’m sorry just give me one sec (now with half my luggage strewn all over the floor in front of everyone.)

Me: okay how about now?

Lady: 51 pounds

Me: are you serious?!

Nice Lady: it’s okay..i’ll let it slide.

Me: Thank you so much!

I was very grateful that she took pity on me and I tried to ignore the evil stares of those around me who I was holding up!

The hard part was the fact that I couldn’t fit everything in the smaller carry-on that I was now checking in so after I dropped of the bags I had to run through the airport carrying extra shoes and clothes in my hands as I went to security (I didn’t have a bag to put it in since I had to check it)! As I raced through the airport to security I was dropping my shoes all over the place (big shout out to all of you who were kind enough to point out or pick up said dropped clothing!)

Once I made it through security I headed straight to the Hudson news place and purchased a magazine so that I would have a bag to put all of my crap wonderful clothing in. However, I should have just stuck to my original plan because I still had to pay for both bags and didn’t get the benefit of having more room! After that everything went well but I am beginning to loath flying!

What are some of your crazy airport stories?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cali Bound :)

First I want to say a Huge thanks for all of your prayers and support! You guys are amazing :) Andy is doing well, they just took him in to about a 4-5 hour surgery for temporary skin graphs. They are going to try and do as much as they can depending on how his body holds up. Please continue to pray and thank you again for all of the encouraging words and prayers..God truly is mighty to save and his power and glory are being shown right now! Katie and the rest of the family are doing really well and they amaze me with wonderful attitudes and trust in the Lord.

Now on to other funtastic matters…

In less than 24 hours (because I didn’t want to do the math) I will be getting up at the crack of dawn..heading to philly airport and then cali bound!! whoot whoot! Carlsbad here I come and then on to Bakersfield..oh how I have missed you! There are several dinners in the freezer and laundry is done so hopefully the Hubs will survive ;)

I will hopefully have internet access so I plan on trying to blog as much as possible..though I don’t know how realistic it will be! So if you don’t hear from me for a while you’ll know I haven’t forgotten about you! I am also bringing the Hubs camera (since I don’t have one of my own) so I planning on having tons of good pics to show you guys too!

Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully the next time I talk to you all it will be from the wonderful west coast!

Urgent Prayer Request!


Andy Smith was in a serious motorcycle accident on Wednesday, July 15, 2009. Andy was on his way to work when he ran into the back of a pickup truck that was stopped in the middle of the road. He was taken to KMC and then had to be air-lifted to the Fresno Burn Center at Community. He is currently in critical condition and 50% of his body has 3rd degree burns. He is estimated to be here about 4 months with about 1 year of rehabilitation.

Andy is a strong believer in Jesus Christ and we know that the Lord allows things in our lives for a reason. He is a very strong man who is loved by many. He is engaged to his fiancé Katie and they are set to get married this November.

Andy is a fun-loving person who has a passion for Christ and seeing others come to know Him.

Katie is a good Childhood friend of mine. She is the most amazing girl and an awesome woman of God! I can’t imagine how hard this is for them, their excitement for the upcoming wedding couldn’t be masked, but she is very strong and I know that God will get them through this. He has a plan for them and I am excited to see where this lead them!

Please pray for them as Andy starts to recover. They were afraid they were going to have to amputate his left foot but as for now he has a strong pulse in both feet!! Praise God!

They have a long road to recovery ahead. Pray for guidance for the doctors, strength for the family and Andy, and comfort as the figure out what lies ahead!

Thank you!

Oh and they are posting updates on his condition at

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stop the Slackerness!!

I hate to admit it but I have been a bit of a slacker when it comes to posting the wonderful awards bestowed on me from some fabulous bloggers!

Please know that I feel so honored and it totally makes my day…I just am not the quickest on turn-around!!

First, Alli made my day, life, week..with this award:


Thank you so much!!!

I am racking my brain to think of 7 things that I have had yet to reveal about myself…

1. I use sugar free coffee syrup in my oatmeal..and I have to have oatmeal every morning.

2. I am addicted to Diet Coke but I spend way too much money to buy the bottles instead of the cans.

3. I have had more jobs in the last 3 years than the rest of my life combined (We need to move b/c there is no where left for me to work in NJ)!

4. I go through paper towels quicker than you could ever imagine..thanks mom for that habit :)

5. I love to make gourmet food for the hubs every night but I then fix myself the same thing every night…which is mostly veggies..yumm!

6. I take the cheese off my pizza and just eat the crust (which the hubs likes cause then he gets the cheese).

7. I am in the process of starting an amazing etsy store for my mother-in-law and myself…updates soon!

well that’s about all of that..don’t worry I have many more weird traits that will be revealed eventually!

I want to know more about all of you so I am bestowing this award on all of my fellow readers! I know it is kind of a cop out but I just couldn’t decided. Please don’t feel obligated..but I would love to hear your 7 things! Thank you for being a faithful reader!

Now for the next wonderful goodness..

Brittany Ann bestowed on me this amazing award..


Thank you so much!!! I am totally honored :)

I loved reading about her t-shirt keepsake and it got me thinking…what do I like to collect that takes me back to different times in my life, that no matter how much I try not to I continue to buy more, that has got me through tough times, and that I can’t live without???

That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks …my Workout DVD’s!! please don’t judge!

blog pics 001 so I thought this was funny because apparently the charles is a camera hog and as soon as I sat down to take the pic…well you see how it turned out!

blog pics 002 a whole self dedicated to my obsession!

blog pics 003 some of my favorties!

I have gotten a pretty good collection going of all different types of workout dvds (but when the hubs asks.. I totally don’t have enough and need more..hehe)! I love them with all my wildly beating heart :) First let me say that I tend to get addicted to one thing and do it over and over again until I get tired of it  and then I move on. this happens with  my workout dvd’s, foods, tv shows, crafty projects and just about everything! However, my workout dvds take the brunt of this weird behavior. I find one dvd that I really get into and do it every morning till I can’t stand the thought of it again and then I move on to a new dvd.

Some of the things I love..

There are so many different dvd’s out there that when I get tired of one I can do the next.

I tend to stick to some of the same trainers..and I even start to feel like they are my workout friends (not in a crazy stalkerish kind of way though)!

If they are getting on my nerves too much I can just turn them on mute or turn them off.

I never have to worry about what I should wear because hey they wear the same thing every day!

When I go back to a dvd that I haven’t used for a long time I am immediately transported back to that time in my life. (which is one of my favorite things)

and lastly they always help me feel better when I have had a bad day!

Now I am going to pass this on to 10 other people to partake in the festivities. To clarify..You are suppose to write about a keepsake that is dear to you and tells something about you and pass it on to 10 other bloggers…

1. We Yam What We Yam

2. Becky @ The Branches

3. Teryn Ashley

4. Poptart

5. Bee Creative

6. Blondie Goes Blog

7. More than an Army Wife

8. Amber @ Life as we Know It

9. Ocean Dreams

10. Sunshine Meg

Have fun girls!

Spandex Where Art Thou??!

Do you remember when you were a little kid and you wore what I like to refer to as biker shorts? You know..the ones that were spandex like and really not flattering and you would wear them with an oversized t-shirt with a little clip-tie on the side with ruffle socks and keds? good times..good times!


Well what ever happen to those?? I know the leggings are back (and yes I do have a few pairs of those) but I can’t seem to find any biker shorts! Now don’t write me off right away!! there is a specific purpose that I have for these shorts. I have a dress that I really like to wear in the summer but I also like to be comfy and not worry about showing the goods when I sit down. I want to be able to wear something under so I don’t have to mess with flashing peeps. the dress is just above the knees and I don’t want people to be able to see the leggings (though that would be really cute too) so the leggings I currently have won’t really work! I have been on the lookout for biker shorts that you wont be able to see, but they have to be tight so they wont look bulky! I have looked all over target and tj max, I even looked in the little girls section, but no luck! Apparently little girls today are way more fashionista than I was! I dont want to spend a lot and i’m not looking for hard core biking shorts with all the special material..I just want simple biker shorts for the good old days!

Any ideas? Am I totally crazy for trying to bring back the bikes shorts of our youth?

Now I will leave with some bikes shorts turned 2009 pics..




What do you think??

Have a great afternoon :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Try-em Out Tuesday..Running in Style

Hey all you lovely bloggers :) So we have a few different things to cover today.

First, I guess it’s time that I bite the bullet and admit that the Hubs has turned me into a runner!? After running my first 5 mile run on saturday I am now officially becoming addicted! so what better way to feed the addiction than to get new running clothes :) It is essential that we look stylish even out running on the streets…right ladies! Plus, new clothes was one way the Hubs knew would suck me in :0 I had also previously talked about the fact that my shoes were 5+ years old and my knees were hurting….and with the urging of the Hubs along with the advise of this lovely lady…I finally retired my old shoes and purchased some new ones!

However, I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money but I wanted shoes that would support my feet, ankles, etc…is that too much to ask?! Also, the throbbing ankles, knees and blisters told me I could put it off no longer! On sat the Hubs and I headed to a sporting goods store on a mission to find new shoes.

That was when I found these…

blog pics 009

New Balance running shoes…on sale for $35!! No way! Oh and they have hott therefore my color scheme emerged :)I was hesitant though, because they were so inexpensive I wasn’t sure they would really support my feet. I tried on several other pairs and even some of the top of the line that cost over $100…but overall these new wonders fit the best and for a steal!

so shoes..check! Now on to running clothes..

On sunday the Hubs and I headed to the Under Armor outlet for the rest of the running duds! We were really going to find him new clothes but he insisted that I get a reflective shirt so that I dont get hit by any cars :0

And what did they have…a hott pink warm weather running shell..OMG the trend continues :)I also got some new socks that are synthetic and have arch support so my feet don’t rub!  *see pictures on top

Now I have the style factor down ..but how do they perform?

I went for my first run in the new duds yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised! I wish I could say that they felt 100 times better..however running in new shoes is always an adjustment! I would however give all of these products a A. I think that once my body adjusts to the new shoes they will work wonders for my addiction..and hey a least I look cute!

I also want to say that I know good running shoes are worth the investment, however when you are running  15-30 miles a week you go through running shoes fairly quickly and personally I can’t afford spend over $100 every couple months for new it is really great to find more affordable shoes that still provide the support I need! These are really great shoes and you can never go wrong with under armor running clothes!

I also wanted to let all you lovely ladies know how much I love this Dior mascara that i won from Becky


it is totally my new favorite mascara!! If you haven’t checked out her blog..well you need to! She is such a doll!

I hope you found this episode helpful :) Have a wonderful tuesday and thank you all for your encouragement yesterday during my freak out!! You ladies are amazing!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Everything to do ..Yet nothing to do??

Do you ever feel that there are so many things that you want and need to do many fun projects and things you want to accomplish...there are so many things to do yet nothing to do? This morning I am feeling totally overwhelmed by this feeling! My brain is going in 50 million directions as to all the projects that I want to start or improve on and I don't know where to start. I sat down to make a list (all you list makers know how that helps) but i don't even know what to put first on my list! Now don't get me wrong, I have plenty of need to do cleaning...but for those not as urgent things i'm freaking out! I want to add to my blog and I have like a million cooking things to post...but do I add a cooking section to this blog or start a new one? I have been on a short hiatus from sewing but I want to get back into it... but what do I sew first? there are so many recipes to try that I don't know what to try first! I have been working with my lovely mother-in-law on starting her etsy business..she makes amazing jewelry (that I will showcase on this blog soon) but I am stuck on writing the policies for the store!
Oh and I'm leaving for vacation this saturday for three weeks so it's not like I can start a huge project right now anyways :)

Okay sorry to overwhelm all of you...I just needed to vent! You guys are so great and I love that I have met and continue to meet all you lovely and creative guys all inspire me!

Do you ever feel this way?? Am I just acting crazy??? Help please :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Week From Now..

I am so excited that i a week from right now I will be in Cali with the fam..three luxurious weeks in cali full of food, family, friends and fun!! oh and yes i did put food first...what can i say i love eating :)

This week however, I will be soaking up so yummy time with the hubs and pup before I leave them :(

Oh and for an update on the charles...we took a trip to the vet yesterday and got him some meds
soon :) He really appreciates all of your kind
words a concerns!

okay now back to the fabulous cali vacay. For a little preview of what is ahead...

I will be flying in to meet the fam in southern cali where we will spend a week at their time share resort. It promises to be an amazing time of catching up and just basically enjoying the wonderful family that God has blessed me with (love you guys!!). The Hubs will come in 1/2 week and get to enjoy sometime at the beach and then we will all head back to bako for some more fun times.

From there I will spend two weeks in my hometown catching up with friends, helping out at home, getting to hang with the raddest grandmas ever, enjoying the magical neighborhood, and of course some more yummy food!!

The hubs will have to head back early (and I'm sure the charles will be glad to see him) but I will get to soak in the max time there..can you tell i'm excited!!

So in spirit of family time here are some pics from the western side of the country...

I had some trouble with the captions on the pics so I had to leave them out..sorry! but it is mostly just good times in cali with friends, family and the magical neighborhood :)
Oh and on a side note...I ran 5 miles to day and then got a big blister so I finally broke down and got new shoes!! updates to come :)
Have a wonderful week all!!
What are some of your favortie family vacations?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Charles is BACK!!

Hey everyone it's Charlie...don't tell my mom but I hijacked her computer because I had to tell all of you about my amazing weekend I had! I can't even contain my excitement!

I could tell something was up when those bag things came out..usually that means my parents are leaving me and going to have fun without me :( I heard them saying that my Grandparents are this thing called "stationed on a base" in Washington DC (I don't know what that means except that they leave really early in the morning and leave by myself for like years)!

This time was different though, this time they told me to get in the car...I so thought I was getting to go with them. But then they took me to this place that had so many smells. The other people were nice but I was a little nervous because I didn't know where I was and I could tell mom and dad were leaving me here! there were so many other dogs there too though so I knew I would be okay!

OMG I totally didn't know how much fun it would be! I got to play in this kiddie pool thing and the kids played with me like all day!! The let me run through this thing they call a hose that had water coming out of it (if i knew how much fun they would be I would never have chewed up our "hose")! Oh and then one day while I was there the had a party with lots of yummy food and smells and they let me out to play with all the kids. It was soo soo much fun but there was some really loud things that were really bright (I think they called them fireworks) they were kind of scary :0

Oh and one of the kids had a yummy bread thing and I swear I thought she was giving it to me but when I took it out of her had she stated crying and I got in trouble! I really didn't mean to upset her..but it was really yummy!!

I really missed my parents and was glad when they came to get me but OH MAN was I tired!! There was another small dog there and they would let us out all the time and I would chase him around and he would chase me and it was like doggy heaven :) Oh and right before my mom came for me they gave me a bath and took like half the hair from my body...I feel so much better now! When I got home I was so tired I slept for days and days...I never do that..I think my parents were glad!

My ears have been hurting a lot and when mom came they told her I had an ear infection..i don't know what that means but hopefully it will make them stop hurting! My mommy talks about you guys all the time and couldn't wait to share my weekend with you!! Oh and check out my cool bandanna...
My parents are the coolest!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Try-em Out Tuesday.....eye magic ;)

Hey guys....sorry for the late post this week! Well i'm back from the death run and I am writing this so you guessed it..I didn't die and I'm not laying passed out on the side of the road (reference previous post)!

Anyways...moving on :) I have the most amazing mother ever..she is seriously like my best friend (and i'm not just saying this b/c she is reading it)! Growing up she became an expert eye-brow and face waxer and tried with all of her might to keep my hairy face groomed (let's just say i am not the best about maintenance but I think we have already figured that out)! When I moved away I no longer had the convenience of mom's waxing service and so I ...gasp...had to pay other people to do it for me!! and yeah that made maintenance even more infrequent :)

Therefore I have been on a search for an easy, low cost, hassle free and cheap way to wax myself. My mom has all of the tools and equipment but I, being the lazy one, didn't want to carry those around in my numerous moves and I have tried nair before and have not be impressed.

This is when I found the product that will change your waxing life forever (and in a good way)...

Nad's Facial Hair Wand

I can't even say how much I love this stuff!!
One of the best parts is that it is different than wax so you don't have to heat it up and it isn't as sticky, but works just as well!! The wand has a narrow top that is easy to guide along the line of your eyebrow and then it comes with strips of fabric and a wooden stick to apply after and remove the hair. Oh and it really doesn't hurt...seriously (or maybe my nerves are just dead there now)!
I use it for my eyebrows, lip and chin (yes I am a very hairy lady). I after I am done it is a very easy clean up and I believe that it even washes off of fabric if you wanted to re-use the fabric (which I don't and you can buy refills for cheap at Sally's beauty supplies). This is a total must have product and I give it an A!
You can buy it at target or other drugy store places and I think it is under $10..which is less than one eye-brow appointment! Also, although it looks small it really last for a while b/c you don't need a lot at one time!
I hope this product will help you fulfill all of you waxing dreams...oh and you can go to their website for a tutorial of how to apply it :)
Happy Tuesday (I am going to go collapse now)!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Okay so I have posted some of my recent efforts in hitting the pavement and becoming a cool runner like the Hubs. I am starting my third week of running and I have to admit I have almost quit like 3 or 4 times so far! It's not that I don't like running...It is actually not too bad and I am starting to enjoy's the fact that for some freak reason my legs tend to develop muscle very easily and I have worked so hard to keep them small and I don't want all of that to go down the drain! I know that I sound very vain and it is usually the opposite worry when people start working out or running, but hey it's the truth for me! I have gotten to the point where I am not really sore anymore (man that first week was brutal) and I have read many reports that slow long distance running will actually help slim down your legs but my body doesn't tend to react the way others do. So anyways the last time I tried to quit I realized that although I might have to deal with slightly bigger legs (and hopefully not) this is another activity that is important to the Hubs and I like sharing with him (although he runs way faster than me so we literally just start out together and then go our separate ways)!

So the reason for this post....tomorrow I run my first 4 mile run and I am a little scared! I know to all you runners out there that doesn't sound like much...but for this novice it's a little freaky!! Can I handle it??...will I have to stop and walk???....well walking is totally not an option so either i am passed out on the side of the road or I made it!! I guess if you don't hear from me anymore you will know the outcome :0

Also, apparently since I am still wearing my beloved running shoes of 5+ years (oh how I love thee) and my knees are hurting a lot and I am getting blisters...that I have to get new shoes. grrr but i love my shoes...they have been so faithful to me!! So far the Hubs isn't buying any of my pleas and is forcing me to get new shoes..but they are so expensive and apparently i cant substitute stilettos or any other cute shoes ...since it's for running purposes! Oh well I have to give in! So does anyone have any good suggestions for good running shoes? Keep in mind I am currently training for a half marathon so they have to be good long distance shoes.

Well I guess that's all but If I don't make it ... just know that you guys are the best blog friends ever!!!

My Wife Wont....

So today I was watching Rachel Ray and they had a segment Titled..My Wife Wont (fill in the blank). For this particular one the guys wife hates the outdoors and has refused to go camping (which the husband loves to do). He hasn't been camping in the six years that they have been married because she refuses to go. During the segment Colby (he cracks me up) took the wife on camping boot camp for princesses...okay so it was called something like that! During that time she had to sleep in a tent (although they hooked her up with a very nice one), learn how to get water from the river, make fire, and basically do everything that you have to do on a true camping trip....and she survived!! It was really cute because although she hated it she did it for her husband because it is something that he loves! And of course Rachel Ray hooked them up with an amazing glamor camping trip to go on!

So it got me thinking...what does the Hubs love to do that I refuse to partake in?? We are both really lucky in the way that we enjoy a lot of the same activities but I do realize that he is very good about doing all of the girly things that I like to do without complaining! In fact sometimes he suggests things to do that he knows I love to do just to make me happy and I just assume he likes them as well (i'm totally oblivious sometimes..i mean what guy really loves following you around carrying your shopping bags)!

Anyways, back to the question at hand...what activities do I deprive the Hubs of? The only thing that I could think of is skiing. The Hubs LOVES to ski and well I am always cold (and hate being cold) so the thought of being out in the snow doesn't really appeal to me! Because of my lack of willingness to go skiing, the Hubs hasn't been for about two years now (even though he bought new ski's last year)! I have told him numerous times that he can go with friends but it finally dawned on me that it is not only the skiing that is important to him but also being able to share his love of it with me! so i'm a little slow!! It is amazing how these little TV segments can really help us to realize areas in our own lives that we can work on...Sorry Hubs for being so oblivious!!! I am going to work on being more flexible in what I am willing to do (and yes i know it is easier to say it now when there really isn't any snow around)!

What about you? Are you good at doing the things your spouse/boyfriend/friends like to do? What areas can you work on?

Have a wonderful Monday :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An Embarrasement to the Neighborhood :0

I am new to this whole living on base thing and one thing that has amazed me is how fast everyone around here moves in and gets their yards looking super fab so quickly! On my walks with the Charles I am constantly seeing more flowers being planted, veggies growing, and weeds gone! I love the look of a nice clean and well kept yard..but don't really enjoy gardening. Some people love it and say that it is very on the other hand gets board after five minutes and is overwhelmed by the how many weeds there are and how much work is to be done....ayay i'm getting stressed just thinking about it!!

Now for the reason for this ranting...apparently my yard is in violation and an embarrassment to the neighborhood...What?!

Yesterday I was beginning my usual walk with the Charles when I saw one of the housing people driving around our neighborhood handing out letters. When I asked her what this was about she said they were violation letters and that I need to weed my garden bed...I totally thought that was part of the gardeners job since we were told that we were only responsible for the fenced in area...I guess not! I wasn't too upset because the condition of our garden bed had been bugging me but there were other areas that I wanted to spend money on and our yard was not one of them! I guess now this is the kick in the pants I need. So yesterday I headed out to home depot to get some mulch and a few flowers. I didn't really dress for the occasion and there was me in my heals trying to lift humongous bags of mulch into my cart while talking on the phone...kind of amusing to the people around! However, the flower selection was really bad so I didn't get anything pretty to add to the garden :(

So now I have the mulch and I set out today to start the weeding process ..oh and I totally did NOT consider just dumping the new mulch over the weeds so I wouldn't have to deal with them! Just my luck though, I chose the exact time the gardeners were out mowing the lawns so, oh darn, I had to pack up and go back in since I was in their way! Oh well I guess I will try and attack it again tomorrow...

Do you like to garden? Am I totally odd for getting stressed at the very thought? Any good gardening stories?

Have a great Hump day :)