Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Week From Now..

I am so excited that i a week from right now I will be in Cali with the fam..three luxurious weeks in cali full of food, family, friends and fun!! oh and yes i did put food first...what can i say i love eating :)

This week however, I will be soaking up so yummy time with the hubs and pup before I leave them :(

Oh and for an update on the charles...we took a trip to the vet yesterday and got him some meds
soon :) He really appreciates all of your kind
words a concerns!

okay now back to the fabulous cali vacay. For a little preview of what is ahead...

I will be flying in to meet the fam in southern cali where we will spend a week at their time share resort. It promises to be an amazing time of catching up and just basically enjoying the wonderful family that God has blessed me with (love you guys!!). The Hubs will come in 1/2 week and get to enjoy sometime at the beach and then we will all head back to bako for some more fun times.

From there I will spend two weeks in my hometown catching up with friends, helping out at home, getting to hang with the raddest grandmas ever, enjoying the magical neighborhood, and of course some more yummy food!!

The hubs will have to head back early (and I'm sure the charles will be glad to see him) but I will get to soak in the max time there..can you tell i'm excited!!

So in spirit of family time here are some pics from the western side of the country...

I had some trouble with the captions on the pics so I had to leave them out..sorry! but it is mostly just good times in cali with friends, family and the magical neighborhood :)
Oh and on a side note...I ran 5 miles to day and then got a big blister so I finally broke down and got new shoes!! updates to come :)
Have a wonderful week all!!
What are some of your favortie family vacations?


  1. Have fun in CA!!

  2. Ooh fun! I am planning a trip to Bako for September. Enjoy your time with your family!

  3. I love all of your pictures. You're going to have a great time in Cali. I know you must miss your family.

  4. yay for vacation! i'm gonna be in so cal in 2 weeks visiting my fam and i can't wait!! i'm so excited!! i hope you have an awesome trip!

  5. Have fun on vacation, esp. a 3 week one. Lucky girl! :)

  6. Enjoy your time and glad Charles is feeling better!

  7. I am SO ridiculously excited to see you! Elephant Bar? Veggie Chicken Rice thingy with Diet Coke and Lime? YUM! :) Love you, dear friend!