Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Spandex Where Art Thou??!

Do you remember when you were a little kid and you wore what I like to refer to as biker shorts? You know..the ones that were spandex like and really not flattering and you would wear them with an oversized t-shirt with a little clip-tie on the side with ruffle socks and keds? good times..good times!


Well what ever happen to those?? I know the leggings are back (and yes I do have a few pairs of those) but I can’t seem to find any biker shorts! Now don’t write me off right away!! there is a specific purpose that I have for these shorts. I have a dress that I really like to wear in the summer but I also like to be comfy and not worry about showing the goods when I sit down. I want to be able to wear something under so I don’t have to mess with flashing peeps. the dress is just above the knees and I don’t want people to be able to see the leggings (though that would be really cute too) so the leggings I currently have won’t really work! I have been on the lookout for biker shorts that you wont be able to see, but they have to be tight so they wont look bulky! I have looked all over target and tj max, I even looked in the little girls section, but no luck! Apparently little girls today are way more fashionista than I was! I dont want to spend a lot and i’m not looking for hard core biking shorts with all the special material..I just want simple biker shorts for the good old days!

Any ideas? Am I totally crazy for trying to bring back the bikes shorts of our youth?

Now I will leave with some bikes shorts turned 2009 pics..




What do you think??

Have a great afternoon :)


  1. Funny how the stars can find what they want, but us lowly working class can't! HA!!

    You know, a few months ago for a play my daughter was going to be in, she wanted the same type of thing to go under her costume dress for when she was on stage. We never really found anything exactly like we wanted. We came across some that would have worked at Sports Authority, but they were going to cost way more than I was willing to spend for the purpose. Target undies section had something somewhat similar, just not as long as biker shorts.

    I'm sure none of this really helps you, but just know you're not in your search alone! :)

  2. I got a pair of spandex workout shorts in the activewear section of target a few years ago that I used to wear under dresses. Everyone always wanted to borrow them, and eventually someone did and never brought them home.

    So try looking amongst the workout clothes, you may find my shorts distant cousins somewhere.

  3. hehe i still use spandex for running / working out! i'm sure you can find them at any sports stores! (sorry i'm not too familiar with all the sporting store names in the states!) but i know they def sell them in sporting stores here!

  4. Yes, of course I remember those! My shining moment in 7th grade was when I showed up at the dance with neon blue spandex pants, layered under white baggy shorts, blue and white striped oversized shirt, and ponytail on the side.
    I turned plenty of heads that night, got my first slow dance, my first boyfriend. Yup, I was HOT!

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