Friday, April 9, 2010

Flexible is the word of the day..

I want to apologize for being a horrible blogger these past few weeks! I honestly haven’t had time to even look at blogs, comment, or post something! It doesn’t mean I don’t love each and every one of you..but man life has been one big crazy mess this week!

Let’s see..where to even begin? Its funny because I was going to talk about each event in it’s own post but well I am short on time and mental energy right now so I am making an executive decision to lump them into one (hopefully not too too long) post. Here goes nothing…

I know I have talked a lot about the races and running I have been doing while I have been out in cali. My final goal before we started the fertility treatments again was to run my first marathon on May 2nd in Washington DC. I thought this would be a good opportunity to put all my training to good use since once the fertility starts back up again I wont be able to run much (at least not the 40-50 mile weeks I had been doing)! I think I mentioned in my paso race recap that this race was a lot harder on me than I thought it would be. At first I thought it was due to the hills and being unprepared for them but as I look back I see it was the first warning signs that I was overtraining! The general rule of thumb is to only increase your running distance by 10% each week (no more that that). However, being the stubborn person that I am I decided that I would be okay to increase it faster and went from running like 30-35 mile weeks to running 50 miles the next week. I’m not great at math but I'm pretty sure that is more than 10%!

The tricky part is my body felt fine so I didn’t see a reason why I couldn’t do the longer distance. haha body’s are funny things! I have learned since then that you may be feeling fine at first but eventually your body will have had enough and things start to go really wrong…and then a hard race on top of it just complicates it worse. Right before the Paso 1/2 I thought I had pulled my groin muscle but I wasn’t that concerned..i mean they heal quickly right? I ran the race and by the end my groin and hip were really talking to me. The next two days on my attempts to run they just seemed to get worse and I could barley walk for the rest of the day after my run. I then decided to take some time off and see if that helped. Being the hard core runner that I am, when the pain didn’t completely go away I thought that I could just run through it and eventually it would clear itself up (don’t give me that look..running warps the mind)! I knew I had this marathon coming up and so I didn’t want to take too much time off and not be ready for the race.

After about two weeks of taking about 4 days off and then running again and dying in pain by the end of the run I realized that I might have to re-think my upcoming marathon plans. I talked to a lot of my running buddies in bako and they were all very encouraging about taking enough time off to heal and then seeing if I can run or if not bailing out of the race. I hate quitting so I agreed with taking more time off and then hopefully being able to run it at just a slower pace. My plan was to run a test 20 miles yesterday and see how I was feeling and then determine whether my hip would hold up for the marathon. Thank God I had lunch with Olive Oyl on wednesday! You see, she just got injured herself from running and she informed me that if I fracture my hip/pelvis (like she did) that means no getting prego for a year! What?! Right then and there I decided that until I go to the doc back in NJ and find out what is wrong I am not running. I really don’t think my injury is near that point yet, but I don’t want to take any chances. Getting pregnant to me is more important that running a marathon right now. So yes, I was bummed but most of all I am praying that whatever is going on isn’t that severe and won’t impact the start up of the fertility stuff again!

On top of all that there has been some other exciting stuff going on as of late. My original plan was to head back to NJ on Sunday and then the Hubs would get home a couple days after I got back to the east coast. However, we don’t like to do anything simple and on this last Sunday we decided to look into buying a house in utah. Crazy I know! So the plans changed to going to Utah today (friday) first and house hunting and then heading out to the east coast. So recently every time I have gotten on the computer it has been to look at houses, figure out financing, and plan the route back (hence the MIA blog action).

Well as I was walking out the door today, car all packed and ready to go when my cell phone started ringing. It was the Hubs telling me he was going to be extended for two more weeks! Yes I cried, and yes I was upset but as soon as I was able to take a deep breath and start to process what that meant I started to calm down. My folks are leaving to go out of town for 3 weeks so there really wasn’t a reason to stick around here for the whole two weeks and change all my plans. I decided to just delay the trip two more days and then head out to Utah on sunday and stay for a couple more days and then take my time getting back to the east coast! Yes, me and the Charles are going on a long road trip!! It has been a crazy few weeks and I am dying to see the Hubs but I know that God has his timing for a reason and I just have to trust that.

I don’t know how often I will be able to get on my blog during the next few weeks so I wanted to give you all fair warning that I might continue to be MIA for a little bit! hopefully once everything dies down, I will be back in full swing! I’m a little nervous about doing all the house hunting and driving solo so pray for me! Have a great weekend all and I will hopefully be back soon!