Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Charles is BACK!!

Hey everyone it's Charlie...don't tell my mom but I hijacked her computer because I had to tell all of you about my amazing weekend I had! I can't even contain my excitement!

I could tell something was up when those bag things came out..usually that means my parents are leaving me and going to have fun without me :( I heard them saying that my Grandparents are this thing called "stationed on a base" in Washington DC (I don't know what that means except that they leave really early in the morning and leave by myself for like years)!

This time was different though, this time they told me to get in the car...I so thought I was getting to go with them. But then they took me to this place that had so many smells. The other people were nice but I was a little nervous because I didn't know where I was and I could tell mom and dad were leaving me here! there were so many other dogs there too though so I knew I would be okay!

OMG I totally didn't know how much fun it would be! I got to play in this kiddie pool thing and the kids played with me like all day!! The let me run through this thing they call a hose that had water coming out of it (if i knew how much fun they would be I would never have chewed up our "hose")! Oh and then one day while I was there the had a party with lots of yummy food and smells and they let me out to play with all the kids. It was soo soo much fun but there was some really loud things that were really bright (I think they called them fireworks) they were kind of scary :0

Oh and one of the kids had a yummy bread thing and I swear I thought she was giving it to me but when I took it out of her had she stated crying and I got in trouble! I really didn't mean to upset her..but it was really yummy!!

I really missed my parents and was glad when they came to get me but OH MAN was I tired!! There was another small dog there and they would let us out all the time and I would chase him around and he would chase me and it was like doggy heaven :) Oh and right before my mom came for me they gave me a bath and took like half the hair from my body...I feel so much better now! When I got home I was so tired I slept for days and days...I never do that..I think my parents were glad!

My ears have been hurting a lot and when mom came they told her I had an ear infection..i don't know what that means but hopefully it will make them stop hurting! My mommy talks about you guys all the time and couldn't wait to share my weekend with you!! Oh and check out my cool bandanna...
My parents are the coolest!!


  1. Welcome back! ugh!! I hope your ear gets better!


  2. The Charles, I am so glad that you had so much fun! Yes, I agree you really need to know how much fun a hose is before you go eating it up! Shame Shame!

  3. awwwwoohhh charlie! i love how your wrote this entry from his point of view :)

  4. Poor guy! Soak up ALL the attention and feel better soon ♥ Thanks for visiting my blog. Don't be a stranger ♥

  5. What a cute post! I'm glad he had such a great time and that picture is precious :-)

  6. oh how cute! hope his ear's feeling better...and that bandanna is adorable!