Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So I wear training bras..

I don’t know if there are a lot of men (or any) who read my blog but if so I am giving you fair warning that you might want to skip this post. Or not if you like reading about bras..your choice :)

Okay moving right along.

I used to have boobs. I even developed fairly early, well at least compared to my sis (sorry sis but its true). I was never huge (in the B cup range) but big enough to look like a girl. Then in college I lost it all. They always say that when woman lose weight it comes off their chest first and I was no exception. I know I have mentioned this before but my freshman year I lost about 30 pounds and took my average B size boobs down with me. Like I really could get away with no bra but I didn’t and was more like a barely A cup.

And to be honest I was totally fine with it. I know there are a lot of women who like to be well endowed in that area but I am not one of them. I really don’t know why. I think it is because when I was heavy I had boobs and when I was thin I didn’t, so now when the girls grow I feel fat (that might not make any sense). So basically I was glad to see them go. I do admit that the have fluctuated sizes some since getting married (mostly when on birth control or fertility meds) but even then they stayed pretty small. 

Now most women in my situation would love padded or push up bras but not me. I dealt with them for a while because they were basically the only thing I could find but again not my favorite. That’s why when I discovered these bras from Gap Body I was beyond thrilled.

(for some reason the picture won’t load so here’s the link..they basically look like a sports bra but for every day use i.e. no padding or breast enhancement here.)

Although the girls have grown from this pregnancy, I can still get away with wearing them. Although the hubs laughs at me and calls them my training bras. I know it’s weird but I love them. Since getting pregnant and growing I have tried to go back to “normal” bras but it is hard for me to feel comfortable in them. And again it makes me feel fat because my boobs are bigger anyways. Stacy and Clinton would be having a fit right now if they heard me :)

Anyways, my expanding size has made a need for me to buy a bigger size in my favorite bras. I am really cheap when it comes to buying anything like that and at Gap Body they range from $10-20 a piece. Now I know that isn’t bad but I still don’t like spending it.

Which leads me to yesterday and the whole motivation for writing this post. I should be ashamed but i’m not. You see, I was at target yesterday looking through the maternity section when I happened to glance over at the girls section right next door. Normally I don’t go into that section (well maybe sometimes because they have cute stuff) but this time I was looking right into the little girls bra section. I started to walk away but then something caught my eye. They have they same type of bras that I get at Gap Body but way cheaper. I know what you are thinking but don’t judge.

I stood in the aisle for about 10 minutes trying to decide if I thought they would fit and if I was really going to succumb to buying little girl bras just to save a few bucks. Um yes! I was able to buy two (yes two) non-padded bras for $7. I call that a deal. Oh and I also saw that they had the C9 sports bras for $8 and in the women's section they are $16 so you totally know where I am going next time I need a new sports bra. I was a little nervous to see if they would fit and they totally do..and are really comfy too!

So yes, maybe I wear training bras (even while pregnant) and maybe I buy my bras in the little girls section at target..but I’m okay with that :)


  1. Lol..that is hilarious!
    I don't wear the little girls bras but I def. wear there shoes. I have really small feet and can fit into a 5Y so when I look for sneakers I buy the kids ones because they're exactly the same except way cheaper.

  2. From one small-busted girl to another...I have totally done that, too! NO SHAME!

  3. How funny! Whatever works, right?

    I'm kind of the opposite in that I have a hard time finding bras that are big enough and offer adequate support - I'm one of those "well endowed" ladies, I'm afraid, especially since getting pregnant and nursing. I usually have to spend 40 bucks at least to get a good bra, so I'm kind of jealous that you can get some bras that work for you for so cheap!

    And I'm glad I'm not the only one who considers what Stacy and Clinton would say when I make a clothing decision - ha!

  4. Ha! That's awesome, I could totally do that too. :) For the last couple of months I have actually been LOVING these Hanes bandou sports bra that are 2/$11 and they come in fun colors.

  5. Ha ha whatever makes you feel comfy girl! I have a C cup and I usually wear Victoria Secret, but sometimes I just wear a cami with a built in bra. Those are so comfy! I wear a similar bra when I go to bed sometimes just for added comfort.