Monday, July 6, 2009


Okay so I have posted some of my recent efforts in hitting the pavement and becoming a cool runner like the Hubs. I am starting my third week of running and I have to admit I have almost quit like 3 or 4 times so far! It's not that I don't like running...It is actually not too bad and I am starting to enjoy's the fact that for some freak reason my legs tend to develop muscle very easily and I have worked so hard to keep them small and I don't want all of that to go down the drain! I know that I sound very vain and it is usually the opposite worry when people start working out or running, but hey it's the truth for me! I have gotten to the point where I am not really sore anymore (man that first week was brutal) and I have read many reports that slow long distance running will actually help slim down your legs but my body doesn't tend to react the way others do. So anyways the last time I tried to quit I realized that although I might have to deal with slightly bigger legs (and hopefully not) this is another activity that is important to the Hubs and I like sharing with him (although he runs way faster than me so we literally just start out together and then go our separate ways)!

So the reason for this post....tomorrow I run my first 4 mile run and I am a little scared! I know to all you runners out there that doesn't sound like much...but for this novice it's a little freaky!! Can I handle it??...will I have to stop and walk???....well walking is totally not an option so either i am passed out on the side of the road or I made it!! I guess if you don't hear from me anymore you will know the outcome :0

Also, apparently since I am still wearing my beloved running shoes of 5+ years (oh how I love thee) and my knees are hurting a lot and I am getting blisters...that I have to get new shoes. grrr but i love my shoes...they have been so faithful to me!! So far the Hubs isn't buying any of my pleas and is forcing me to get new shoes..but they are so expensive and apparently i cant substitute stilettos or any other cute shoes ...since it's for running purposes! Oh well I have to give in! So does anyone have any good suggestions for good running shoes? Keep in mind I am currently training for a half marathon so they have to be good long distance shoes.

Well I guess that's all but If I don't make it ... just know that you guys are the best blog friends ever!!!


  1. Oh, sister, I have the same problem with my legs. The second I walk, they muscle up. I've just started to accept that my legs will be a lil bigger but at least they're toned.

    And I shoes will do you a world of good. They will help with the knee and leg pain (and shin splints if you are prone to them like I am.)

  2. I have no recommendation for running shoes because the only time I run is when I have to chase my daughter! :) Good for you though!

  3. Hey sweetie I just tried to post a comment, but it didn't work, so here goes again! Anyway, I love ASIC shoes and they are very reliable for running...I am training for a 1/2 marathon in them right now! So I would highly recommend them. Also, good for you for running! It will get easier the more you do it. ;) Keep us updated!

  4. 4 miles? you got it girl! hehe! i hate running so i admire you for doing this :)

  5. I am totally laughing about the leg buffness... I remember working out with you, my arms always got bigger first and your legs got bigger first. Pretty much my legs do nothing when I work out... So frustrating.

    That is so rad you have been running! You go girl!

  6. I'm so proud of you for sticking it out! I'll cross my fingers that someone doesn't have to pick you up off the side of the road tomorrow.

    Don't worry about your legs if isn't flab! My legs are big with no muscle..uh :( haha

  7. Hi Ashley, this is Jill (Olive Oyl's friend). I've been getting more serious about running lately as well and I finally had to break down and buy new shoes. I went to a running store where they fit me for shoes. I used to think that I was most comfortable wearing my shoes tight, but they recommended I be wearing 1 1/2 sizes bigger than I was. I was skeptical at first but they had return policy that allowed me to return them even after I'd worn them. It took me a couple of runs to get used to them, but now I love them. And the best more blisters or pains in my knees!
    So, that is my suggestion. If you are serious about going the distance, I would go to a running store and have them recommend a shoe. It wasn't any more expensive than buying them from a sports store, and I ended up with a shoe I never would have bought on my own. Oh, and by the way, the brand I have is Mizuno.
    Good Luck!