Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Try-em out Tuesdays - Episode 1

*One note before we start...I apologize because I have pictures to prove my findings but unfortunately there was major camera malfunctions today (meaning my camera broke and the Hubs has the other camera with him) so you will just have to take my word for it!

Hey all!!

Welcome to the first episode of "Try-em out Tuesdays"! I am so excited to share with you my first experiment and hopefully make you more educated when you enter the beloved Target (or a similar store)!

Now ladies since it is June, I officially consider it summer and summer means none other than the dreaded (or anticipated) shedding of the layers of clothes and even stepping into a ..dare I say it..Bikini!
We all frantically try to get ourselves ready for this special season and though many of us look forward to vacation, cute clothes, and warm weather...we feel that our bodies are not prepared for the unveiling. Some go as soon as they can to the local tanning salon and pay crazy amounts in order to camouflage the lovely (or pasty) white skin that God gave them. Others go to their local target and stand for hours trying to determine which product will get the job done fairly well enough not to blind anyone without spending an arm and a leg (well a least then it would be less skin to worry about)!
I have found myself in the same situation and had recently seen a lot of commercials for "Nivea Sun Kissed Legs" which promised tan and glowing legs in five days and the need to shave less ...what more could a girl want! And at under $10 was if for real? There has to be some catch so I decided to purchase it and check it out myself.

So here goes the unveiling of the first test....

Now for a little background on my tanning expertise/experience...I worked at an upscale tanning salon in Bako, CA for about 5 years (shout out to EuroTan) and pretty much tried every bed and every product possible during that time. My work experience made me set on the fact that High Pressure "Euro" beds were the only way to go in order to tan safely (don't worry I wont go into my speech but if you want to know more please ask) and if I wasn't up for laying in the beds then spray tanning was the only way to go! However, along with the move to NJ taking me away from the fam it also took me away from my beloved EuroTan. I tried a couple places around here but nothing compared and I really couldn't afford to spend all that money right now (since I had tanned for free when I was working in the salon).

I have tried several "over the counter" tanning lotions but nothing really delivered good results.

Now for the results (and if you are still with me through all that..thanks)!

I give this Product a grade of a B.

I was actually really surprised that it did as well as it did! When I started my legs were pasty white and within 5 days they have been transformed into a tannish golden color that looks natural and isn't streaky! Hot Dog we have a winner :)

The reason that I gave it a B and not an A is that I really didn't see any change in the shaving frequency. My legs were still just as hairy (which is pretty bad) and I still had to shave just as often, but at least I was shaving tan legs instead of blinding white ones :)

I would totally recommend this product if you are looking for a way to spare the innocent by-standers from being blinded as you shed the layers this summer! And you just can't beat the price! I believe it was about $7 and I found that it has worked the best of all the other tanning lotion options presented in your local drug store. I would just forget about the shaving factor because that isn't as promising.

Well i hope this helped all of you fine ladies in your quest to save money and look HOTT :)

And in celebration of the first Try-em out Tuesday episode I am doing my first giveaway!!

All you need to do is follow me and leave a comment (if you already follow me then you can just leave a comment)! This will close Sunday at 2pm eastern time and then the winner will be chosen randomly and announced Sunday night and will receive their own bottle of Nivea sun kissed legs and a few other summer goodies :) Also, If you post this on your own site I will get two more entries into the giveaway! You may only enter once otherwise.

Good luck all!

Oh, and don't forget to tuned next Tuesday to find out if the price actually makes a difference in life of your nail polish!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Yay! I actually wanted to know about self tanners. I was going to recommend that but felt guilty asking you to put self tanner on if i might look ugly. I'll link your giveaway in my blog when I write one.

    Have a good week!!

  2. First off, thanks for the comopliment on my page! :)

    Secondly, Wow! That's too cool, I am so desperatly in neeed of a tan. Not-to-mention the proverbial blonde-hair-tanned-skinned beauties that are supposedly hovering around Florida making me look like a walking skeleton. ;) I Love your blog and it's very informative. I will definatly try this product out. Thanks!

  3. I might just try this out! I used the Jergen's (I think) several years ago, but I always forgot to put it on, so if it worked I wouldn't even have noticed :)
    Thanks for the review and being the guinea pig!

  4. I miss EuroTan so much! I haven't found anything around here that even compares (apparently people in Ohio are not concerned with being tan). Thanks for testing that out, I'll have to give it a try.

  5. Ah dang! I just bought the cheap-o Target version of this. It seems to be ok so far...I haven't used it as much as I should I think. Thank you :) Maybe I'll try that next!

    I used to go to Euro a lot! I had 2 friends that worked there for a realllyyy long time. A couple years ago I had to stop b/c it was just too dang expensive! Now I am white as can be, haha!

  6. Found u on SITS...loved the review! I have to confess I'm a salon tanner...but I look forward to seeing your next try it tuesday!! come by anytime...


  7. What a great idea! I love when people do reviews of products like this. When I finish the bottle of whatever it is I'm using now (Jergens, maybe... obviously it's not great if I can't even remember the name), I'll have to try this! And thanks for doing a giveaway! Of course I'm a follower and I'll post this on my sidebar.

  8. I will try this out for sure! I used to tan in the fake and bake all the time but has a basal cell skin cancer last year and am too scared to do that anymore. However, I can't stand being all pasty.
    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

  9. Yay for self tanners! The funny thing is I bought one a couple of summers ago, (Neutragena)but still have not used it! It's probably gone bad by now. I know it's silly, but I guess I don't wear shorts that often even though I live in Southern CA! If I go to the beach I guess I don't worry about being white but still try to stay out of the sun. Lol. Self tanners are great however to use if you want a nice little tan without getting fried! Great idea for a give away. That's awesome! Oh, and thanks for your comment on my Maui posting. I've been relaxing the last couple of nights and it has been splendid! I even painted. I feel so much better. Take care sweetie. ;)

  10. I totally love self tanners! This is exciting!! :)

  11. hi there! thanks for stopping by my blog (: I've NEVER dared to try self-tanners! for some reason I've this fear that I'll turn orange. and asians with orange skin just look very diseased! haha (:

  12. Hello :) Your blog, your dog and you and your hubs are all adorable!

    I tried the Nivea firming self tanner a few months ago and really liked it. Can't wait to see what else you try!

  13. Hey girl, I just found your blog thru my blog..haha! :) Thanks for commenting and following, I look forward to reading more about you and your blog.

    I got a question tho for the tanning lotion, can you only use it on your legs?? Cause I am pasty white everywhere!!

    P.S. I am now a follower and am super excited about your giveaway! :)

  14. Love the try em out tuesdays!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm gonna follow u and try out the tanning lotion. I have WHITE legs!

  15. Wow, this was definitely helpful! Very awesome. Thanks for trying this out and giving us your feedback.

  16. Stopping by from SITS and decided that I want to win this! My legs haven't seen the sun since 2002. You have a new follower!

  17. hey girl! thanks for dropping by! i highly enjoyed your story about hitting an ambulance (although i'm sure it wasn't enjoyable at that time! haha!) and ooooo thanks for the tip! although i'm not blindingly pasty, i am a lot lighter than most people in my race (filipino). can't wait to read more from your blog!!! oh and enter your giveaway! hehe! ;) enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  18. I used to be a tanning junkie. But now I slather on the 70 spf and avoid the sun like the plaque! I dont want to look like a wrinkled old prune. Spray tanning makes me look like a carrot. So I might have to give this product a whirl! Thanks for the review
    ! Also, thanks for visiting my blog..stop back by anytime

  19. This is great! Love the blog, Stopping by from SITS!