Monday, June 1, 2009

One More Charles Story

So some of you might have already heard this story since it happened a few weeks ago..but for those of you who haven't it goes!

Well a few weeks ago The Charles woke up at about 2am ready to go. I let him out to do his business and then I put him in his crate (which we keep in the garage) so I could get some more shut eye. Now I was half asleep when I locked him in his crate with his cookie (yes I bribe my dog and I am not ashamed to admit it)! I went back to sleep but then I woke up at 6:45 am to a scratching noise coming from downstairs. I was really confused since the Hubs was gone and the Charles was locked up (or so I thought)! I cautiously made my way down the stairs and I heard the noise coming from the garage. I opened the door to an escaped dog and some dirt! Now where did the dirt come from you ask???? I had no idea! I checked out the trash bags, but no holes..I checked all around and I couldn't figure it out! That's when I remembered the potting soil by the garage! First I should add that the Charles had acquired this new obsession with eating dirt..eww gross! The Charles had ripped open the soil bag and now there was potting soil everywhere! I appreciate him trying to help me garden but usually you can't really grow things on cement..sorry to break it to you Charles :)
I was steaming mad as I read him the riot act (which i know he didn't understand but at least it made me feel better)! Then I had to figure out how to clean the mess up. We had yet to purchase a big broom or anything that would help in this case. That's when I spotted it...the fireplace tools! Bingo again! Apparently the fireplace sweeper and shovel can double as potting soil pickup tools!

The funny thing is that just the day before I thought to myself.."Wow, our garage is still really clean"!

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  1. Your dog stories are hilarious! I can certainly relate. Our boxer broke out of her crate (which we keep in our finished basement) and decided to pee at the bottom of the stairs. I was not happy. I am not a big dog person. I much prefer my little cocker spaniel who can't knock me over! :)