Friday, June 19, 2009

The Moments you think "Was I really just that retarded?"...

And the verdict is YES!!

So since the Hubs just got back from trip they gave him a few days off...yay for time together. I just love lazy days and today has totally been one of those! We slept in and then after many many tries of persuasion to go running with him today I finally gave in. He has been training for a 1/2 and then full marathon and I am very proud of him...but I am not a runner! Don't get me wrong I love working out, but it usually involves workout dvd's in the comfort of my own home!

But needless to say I finally gave in and went to bed last night with the promise that I would run with him tomorrow. Oh and since we were going to be expending all those calories on the run we decided be better get them back by making biscuits and gravy for a late brunch afterwards. Also, since he is all good at running we decided that he would run with me for the first few miles and then i would stop and he would continue his long run.

So as I promised, today I accompanied the Hubs on his run. It actually went really well and I ran about 2.5 miles and still felt like I could go more (which i didn't but at least i felt like i could)! He continued his run and I started working on the next task of the day....FOOD!!

I had to run (and by run i mean drive) to the store to get the makings (since this was decided last night to do this and we didn't have sausage)! I am always looking for ways to make things more healthy and so i purchased reduced fat sausage which is good for the waist-line but not so much for getting the drippings that you need to make the gravy! I had to add butter to the roux so I don't know if I really saved any calories in the long run.

Okay back to the story. So as I am cooking the sausage I am trying to scrape up all of the brown goodness on the bottom and to do that I grab one of my cooking spoons. Didn't really dawn on me that using a plastic spoon on a hot metal pan really isn't the smartest thing! At first I thought the spoon just looked black b/c of the drippings...not I inspected the spoon closer I saw the truth.

It was one of those moments where i though...seriously..was i really just that retarded! and the spoon answered YES!

Oh well at least they are cheap! and the Hubs didn't promised that the gravy didn't have any sort of plastic taste to it! We enjoyed a good brunch anyways with only one casualty in the process!

PS.. I have a confession. When i first realized the demise of the spoon I threw it in the trash. Then when digging through the trash to recover the ruined spoon with the sole purpose of taking a picture of it to put on my blog it hit me...When did I become this blog obsessed??! Don't let my lack of posts fool you..i constantly have stories running through my head to's getting them on the computer screen that is the problem!

When did you first realize you were blog obsessed? Does anyone else look at life as one blog post to the next?

Have a great day :)


  1. unfortunatley yes...and like you, most never make it to the computer :)

  2. LOL, I often look at my life and figure out how it's going into my next blog post. I try not to think of it as "obsessed" but simply as "creative!" :)

  3. I've totally done that except to a wooden spoon! I'm always saying "I have to blog about this" or "that's totally blogworthy"...I guess that's pretty obsessive!

  4. I am the first to admit I am obsessed with my blog. It gets progressively worse...haha.

    Hey, I was reading an older post about Hume Lake!! I went there every summer during High School with my church. :)

  5. OMG that is too funny!

    Dont worry, im obsessed with my blog too :)

  6. My husband partially melted one of our plastic spoons frying up some onion rings. He knew it was melting, but kept on using it. At least you knew to move on to another utensil! =)

  7. LOL I'm pretty sure we are all blog obsessed :)


  8. That is too funny!

    I think I realized I was blog obsessed after Mr. T did something romantic for me and and stopped kissing me afterwards to ask, "Is this going to end up on your blog?" and I realized that I had been mentally formulating a post about it. Of course then I went into denial and intentionally didn't write about it.

  9. I think my moment of realization was when I took a picture of chips and salsa at a restaurant and my friend asked me if I meant to take the picture. She was so confused by the whole thing but I just had to show the blog world my favorite appetizer! We're right there with ya :-)

  10. I agree with all the ladies above. I've always got one foot planted in the real world and one foot planted in the blog world.

  11. Okay I am cracking up....because I do the same thing about blogging pics! I am painting a bookshelf and I had a run in with my primer, needless to say I got rid of it and later was kicking myself 'cause it would have made a great blog post LOL! and a little secret I have burnt more plastic spoons than ever and I obviously have not learned my lesson lol!

  12. Yeah, I'm always on the lookout for a good blog post. I even keep a section in my phone for post ideas so I don't ever forget a good one.

    On weekends though, I try and remain blog-free.

  13. oH YES, I have definitely done that with a spoon/kitchen utensil. Several times.

    My blog obsession comes with the photo-taking, just so I can blog about something. Use your words, Beth, use your words.

    Love you friend!

  14. Ha ha, definitely obsessed with the blog. I am always thinking of what I can post next - it's too much fun! I love the fact that you had to get the spoon out of the trash can, now that is TRUE dedication. That is fantastic that you gave running a shot for your Hubs and that you were able to whip him up a dinner! Yay!