Monday, June 1, 2009

More Antics from The Charles...

(yeah he likes to show his goods!)

Let me first say that never underestimate the power of a dog or think you have their strength under control (especially when they weigh almost as much as you)!

Before the Hubs left I had really gotten out of practice with walking the dog...if I went I usually just tagged along while Hubby was the one to hold the leash. Don't get me was very nice, but once he left it was a whole other ball game! I became a single dog parent for a little bit and with the dominate male out of the house...well...the Charles decided he would take on that role (meaning he would become impossible)! For the first few weeks I was working crazy hours and didn't have a lot of time to walk him and he was spending about 11 hours a day locked up in his crate (which is a no no since labs need their exercise)! I would come home exhausted and unleash the beast from his crate. Since he was getting a ton of sleep during the day I was getting up with him every night at about 2 or 3am! Not fun!

Well since I haven't been working so much I have made it a necessity to take him on one long walk a day and one short walk. We also try to play a lot so that I get out all his energy during the day...there's no daytime napping for the Charles anymore (and now he is sleeping till 5am..yay)!

The walks have been a challenge since he walks faster than me and as much as I have been working with him, he continues to pull (which is really frustrating). I have kept at it though and felt that he had made some progress....until today!

It actually started out as a pretty calm walk but when you add in two other dogs along the way I quickly remembered how strong my dog is when he decides he wants to run! Not fun! So while I am trying to control him as he is running this way and that towards the dog with the mom, toddler and stroller in tow (yeah her dog was just siting there barking...not fair)..I am profusely apologizing to the other mom and try not to scare her with my mad dog handling skills! I am sure I was a site to see! I finally got somewhat control of the Charles and with only one ripped-up toenail on my end (yeah walking in flip flops wasn't the best idea) we continued on our way!

I am just glad that he didn't run because let me tell was a shocking reminder of how strong he is and how weak I am!
*note for future female dog may not be the wisest thing to start out with a dog that is going to weigh almost as much of you and be way stronger...and if you do...I would highly suggest investing in a few dog training sessions!

Well at least we made it back in one piece..well almost..poor little toenail!


  1. Oh no! Toenail and everything? My dog acts crazy all the time, and I have to apologize. You poor thing..I bet the toe hurt!

    Have a good Monday Sweetie!

  2. Lol, my dog's pretty crazy and drags me all over when I put her on a leash...and she only weighs 30 pounds! Sigh. I'm definitely a wimp.