Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Try-em Out Tuesdays" I forget what episode.. BUT MEN BEWARE?!

Sorry my brain is a little slow today! However, one thing I do know is that I love summer!!! I don't care how hot it gets and I can even deal with the humidity because baby when it's summer I am on cloud nine! I love the sun, the clothes, the trips, the nightly walks, the fact that it stays light until about 8pm and basically the heat (call me crazy but I still use my heated seat in the car during the summer)!
Unfortunately, I think that NJ has gotten confused and forgot that summer is suppose to start at the end of May/ beginning of June!! It is coming to the end of June and I am still waiting for the sun and warm weather!! All I have to say is that this state better not short change me on any summer days..gerrr (mean face)!
I only have one sort-of complaint for the summer and that is the fact that us women are expected to keep our legs hairless and silky smooth during these warm months (now whether we do that or not is another thing). In the winter months we are all covered up so who cares whether we shave our legs or not (well maybe the hubs but hey he agreed to the hairy winter legs when he married me)!

*Okay this is where I feel obligated to warn any possible male readers that the rest of this post is about to dive into the "strictly women topics" and therefore you might want to step away from the computer right now...consider yourself warned!

Now that I got that out of the way lets continue...

I actually do okay shaving the main part of my legs but one of big things that I neglect to do during these colder months is shaving the bikini line area! and if you are like me and allow the whole winter to go by without shaving up there you know what a hassle it is when you finally do decide to attack the forest with the razor!! Not fun is all I have to say! Each year I vow to get better about maintenance, and each year I try several different products to make this job easier..both with little or no success. Let's just say that this year was no different!

But being the TV addict that I am I recently saw a commercial that gave me hope for this year!

What magical product gave me the hope I need for this summer you ask?....

Shick Quatro for Women Trimstyle

This product is not only a razor but it also has an electric razor on the end that is water proof with the sole purpose of trimming the bikini area (I guess i'm not the only one to let the forest grow)!

According to Shick "This is the gadget that every girl needs to stay perfectly groomed. It is the first four blade razor and waterproof bikini trimmer in one. Shave, trim and transform with the flip of a handle"! Well okay then :)

Well needless to say I just had to try it out! It is fairly inexpensive at around $8-10 for the razor (refills sold separately). When I got home I couldn't wait to bust it out of the package and try it out! The razor part worked just as well as any other specialty razor. However, I was really disappointed in the bikini trimmer part. It is not very wide so it takes awhile if you have let yourself go like I have. It also doesn't pick up much hair so you have to go back and forth a lot and then my skin had red lines all over it. It got the job done but in the end I felt more frustrated than excited! Honestly to me it was no easier than doing my usual method of using a couple disposable razors and getting the job done with those.
I will say tough that I am not the type to uses specialty razors, the pink throw away kind at target work great for me! But if you are a die hard specialty razor gal you might want to check it out. It wasn't any more expensive than the other refillable razors and I in my opinion the trimmer works a lot better for more consistent maintenance.

With all said and done I give this product a D :( I was actually really sad because this was my first negative review! But hopefully it will save some of you the disappointment I experienced when my hopes of easier silky legs were dashed!

And since I don't like leaving on a sad note...here is one of my all time favorite funny video clips...

Flight of the Concords - Business Time

Sorry I couldn't figure out how to load it directly onto this post! But you can click on the link and experience the joy :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!!


  1. Thanks for this review. I have really been contemplating buying that razor. Now I will try and figure something else out.

  2. thanks for your review! and ugh bikini lines are such a pain, i feel where youre coming from. also, 'Business Time' is one of me and my boyf's favorite FotC songs! haha business socks...

  3. I tried this product too. Was it just me, or did the actual razor portion (the no-brainer portion you'd think) work less effectively than a normal razor? I don't know how or why, but it did. Thanks for your honesty!

  4. Funny post! I think i'll stick with the cheap pinks ones too! haha

  5. I have that razor but have not used it! I got it free from a hotel. Lol. I love Venus, but maybe I will try my free razor that is hiding in my bathroom somewhere. BTW, a little thought about the bikini area. I shave mine about once a week, but at first it was really hard to do so. I find the the more often I shave, the less prone I am to getting bumps. Not fun, I know, but your skin gets softer and used to shaving if you do it more often. So maybe this summer your skin will get used to it? Lol, happy shaving my dear.

  6. You are so stinking hilarious, I love you. I just buzz my netherlands over the toilet and then smooth it out in the shower with my Venus. Ugh. I think I need to go in for a wax later in the summer. Boo.

  7. Yikes! I'm to scared to experiment in the downstairs area! thanks for your funny review!

  8. You need to be in TEXAS if you like the heat! It was 104 today and I thought I was going to die literally. I hate shaving with a passion...it just grows back so fast so what's the point sometimes right? I guess that is what winter is for!

  9. Yep, the summer maintenance is never fun. This razor looks interesting. I would be interested to see how good it is, sometimes I think these products are too good to be true.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Flight of the Conchords. I love this song, the Hiphopapotamous and also The Issues = my top 3 songs of theirs!

  10. I love hot weather! ...oh boy...a D?! oky doky! thanks!

  11. Keeping my legs smooth all summer long is such a nightmare. I'd heard about this, but never tried it, so thanks for letting us know!