Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Running and Cooking don't mix :0

So I seem to be developing a pattern as of late..and not one I really want to continue! As I mentioned in an earlier post, The Hubs finally convinced me to start running with him and even though we don't go the same route or speed, I still wait till he gets home so that we can at least start out together. This is how all the craziness started last night!

I have been trying to be good about cooking on a budget and saving money. This week has been the first time that I have actually made a menu for the week and stuck to it! Last night I made Penne Pasta with braised Short ribs (courtesy of Giada) which I had to start mid afternoon so the beef ribs could braise. This would workout well b/c then all I would have to do is put it all together when we got back from the run.

The Hubs got home and we changed and started off on what has become our nightly run. Everything was going well, except I have to add that I think my body is protesting b/c my hip was hurting so bad that it made my last 3 toes on my right foot numb..very annoying when trying to run! Anyways, I toughed it out though and made it the whole way. When I got home I wanted to get dinner done so I didn't take the time to change out of my workout clothes (can we say dedication...i think so?!) One of the last parts to the recipe was to transfer the cooking liquid and veggies into the food processor and mix till creamy to form the sauce. Since I didn't have a food processor I decided to use my immersion blender. However, the immersion blender decided to be MIA! I had always heard that if you don't have a food processor a regular blender works great too, and i have one of those so I decided to give it a whirl.
I transferred the hot cooking liquid into the blender, got it all ready to go and turned it on. What happened next shocked me to the core! All the sudden hot (and i mean burning hot) meaty liquid was spraying all over our kitchen and me! It took me a minute to comprehend what was transpiring and when I did I quickly turned off the blender.

The Hubs was standing there laughing and asking what happened..while I was standing there in shock and horror with meaty juices all over me! Then I started surveying the damage. Luckily there was still a decent amount of the liquid in the blender so our dinner was not ruined.
I then went to work cleaning up the mess. The sauce was literally all over a huge corner of our kitchen and the worst part is it stained our walls..(at least they are corner back walls)! I finished cleaning up..a little peeved at what just happened! And then leave it to me to say..."Oh man , I should have gotten a picture of this to post on my blog!" The Hubs just laughed and said.."silly girl" :)

What happened next was in no way on purpose though I wished I wouldn't have said the previous comment....

I had figured that I just hadn't had the lid on tight so I made sure that it was on tight this time, placed my had on top of the lid to make sure it would stay on this time and hit Blend one more time....

Again..complete shock as the still very hot liquid once again sprayed all over my just cleaned kitchen and me again!!! What the Heck!

Please excuse the grossness..I just got back from running!
All I could do then was whimper...I really didn't want to go through this again. My wonderful husband then banished me from the kitchen and took over the cleaning up process again! We all called in the reserves ...meaning The Charles .... and let him take care of the floor! At least I got pictures the second time!
The Charles was very excited

By then I decided the blender just wasn't working out and opened the cabinet one more time to look for the immersion blender. Holy Batman..what did I find right in the front...the immersion blender!!! I had thought it was out of it's box, but apparently for once in my life I had been organized and left it all secure in its box!

I put the remaining liquid into the pot again and in two seconds flat the immersion blender did it's job! Who knew it could be that easy?!!

Yeah, i don't know if it is a good idea for me to be doing any heavy cooking after running anymore...who knows what will happen next!!! The only reason I can think that the blender didn't work was because of the hot liquid and the steam it was producing?

Does anyone have any ideas???

Well the dinner came out wonderful anyways! Oh and the Hubs said that he really like my new perfume of meat sauce :)
I need to know i'm not alone...what are some of your most horrific cooking stories?


  1. Oh my gosh girl! Ha ha, you and your adventures. ;) Well, let's just say I am horrible at remembering to turn the oven off. I always have to repeat out loud to myself: I am turning off the oven, otherwise I don't remember! Wow, I bet your doggie was in meat smelling heaven. Ha ha.

  2. What good luck for the Charles though! Girl, you're tough for running that hard and coming home to fix dinner. I'd be on the floor saying "Bring me water."

  3. you have such a cute blog!! Not surprising, since you're so cute yourself. :) And I must say, I am so impressed at your cooking skills (even with the blender incident-- happens to the best of us, right??). I watch FOod Network all the time and think "I should make that" and then I NEVER do. Shame! your dinner sounds dee-licious.

  4. too funny!! at least dinner was still edible!! but the charles looked like he was loving the entire situation!

  5. Oh, I am totally with you! I call it Exercise Brain!

    I can do any physical task you set in front me of, but the second it's over, I can barely drive myself home without crashing off the road. The simplest tasks become difficult.

    And don't worry. I've sprayed cream of asparagus all over the kitchen thanks to my stupid blender before. My husband laughed, too:)

  6. Haha, I put hot stuff in my blender, but only put a very small amount cause it completely expands or something.. not really sure on the physics of it all, just don't fill it up more than half way (i usually go a little less).
    Dogs are great vaccum cleaners and mops aren't they? :)

  7. That's hilarious! Sounds yummy though!