Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Try-em out Tuesdays - Episode 2

Welcome all to the second episode of "Try-em out Tuesdays"
*Sorry all who were looking forward to the big nail polish review..unfortunately I was a slacker and didn't get the nail polish on the toes in time to fully test it out before today! Don't worry though, that review will be coming soon and today we have another amazing product to showcase :)
One of the shows that I followed religiously in high school and through college was TLC's "What not to Wear"! Stacy and Clinton totally became those voices in my head that would always make me analyze what I was/am wearing or buying. Even to the point that every time I step out of the house in my sweats I hear them saying "Sweats are for inside use only" and that there are other comfy clothes that can be worn outside! Every Friday night I would watch the show and every Saturday morning I would beg and plead my friends and family to enter me for a makeover, did I dress that bad...NO..but could I for a $5,000.00 Shopping spree...YES!! Needless to say they never gave in to my pleadings :(
One aspect of the show that I became obsessed with was the makeup, and more specifically..the Spray-on foundation that Carmindy used a lot of the time! It always looks so flawless and I had to have it! For years (yes really years) I search for this product but all that I could find was MAC or other expensive products that were similar..However, I didn't want to spend $70 on something I didn't even know I would like (although many times if it wasn't for the lack of $$ I probably would have).

Then what started as a really bad day held a surprising twist that is now bringing you the Featured product of the week! But before the big reveal I have to give the story (sorry ahead of time for the long post)!
About a month ago I woke up with the whole right side of my face in extreme pain. It felt like my
sinuses but a problem tooth also hurt very much and I couldn't eat anything. I headed to work and tried to ignore the pain and misery I was feeling. One of the kind ladies that I worked with at the time saw my pain and sent me straight to CVS to get some medication. Now, I don't normally shop at CVS (kind of pricey) but it was the closest drugstore to work. I new I had to focus and head straight to the medicine aile. However, I didn't know where that was so I had to wander around for a little bit to find it. I think by now everyone knows about my make-up addiction and as I was looking for medicine I spotted the make-up aile. Focus Ashley, Focus. your here to stop the pain..but the pull of the make-up was just too strong..I had to have just one peak.

That is when I spotted it...Carmindy's face..Sally Hanson make-up....could this mean what I think it means???? YES!!! And there it was, right in front of me, glowing it's magic make-up glow! I want natural beatuy too...I have to have it!

Sally Hanson Natural Beauty Airbursh Spray Makeup
Inspired by Carmindy

Yeah it's for real :) Right then and there I temporarily forgot the intense pain my face was in and almost screamed in delight over this new addition to my make-up bag (yeah I had to buy it)! that was when i realized that all pain isn't bad..i mean i would have never been to CVS or saw this wonderful make-up if it hadn't been for my intense need for medication!
Now for the review...
I would give this product an A. It cost about $12-13 for a 1oz can which lasted me about 1 month. It gives a good overall coverage and also had olive oil extract, chamomile and vitamin A to help condition your skin. It did not make me breakout (which a lot of make-ups do) and it covered all my flaws! One recommendation would be to use a make-up sponge to apply it (I used my fingers and I think I went through it a lot faster than I needed too). As I had mentioned earlier I had looked into other airbrush make-ups such as MAC and in comparison I thought the Sally Hanson product was up there with them and for a fraction of the cost! It is also a lot of fun to shake the can (probably did it more than necessary but I like to entertain myself)! I guess the only negative part is that I felt i went through it a little quicker than I would have liked but I think by using the sponge it will help and I loved the look it gave. I was really surprised because I am usually not a fan of Sally Hanson but they did a good job with this one! Try it out all!!
Oh and I am sorry again for the lack of pics...hubby still gone with the camera!!!


  1. I'm totally going to try that - thanks for the review!

  2. OMG im so going to try that! I love the air brush makeup :)

  3. That really does sound cool! Is there a good selection of colors? I always feel like I don't match well with colors and get disappointed when it clashes with my neck.

  4. Ok, i got anxiety reading that! I am TERRIFIED of wearing make up. No joke. I can only use mascara and eye liner. I can't even use chapstick! The thought of spraying something on my face made my heart skip a beat! I'm such a dork!!! I'm so glad it worked out for you though!! I love when stuff like that happens!

  5. hey thanks for your comment :D
    and ooo that makeup sounds terrific, i may have to try it out! thanks for the update and overall adorable blog!

  6. That makeup looks awesome. I am definitely going to have to try it out. On Sunday I went and bought the makeup I use, Loreal, and when they rang it up it was $40 I was like, umm, did your prices go up? I guess I had forgotten how darn expensive it is! I couldn't believe I was paying for something that would soon be gone...anyway, I'm always looking for cheaper but nice quality makeup. Thanks for the review darlin! Enjoy your day.

  7. OK-it's like you read my mind! BTW-Hi, I clicked over to you from Olive Oyl's site! :) Anyways, I found you last week and was going to comment that I wanted you to try some foundations and then never remember to actually WRITE the comment. And I've seen this make-up before and almost bought it, but never did. But now I might! :) Oh, and I have seen it at Long's Drug Stores too, if there are any of those where you live.

  8. Wanted to thank you again for the award...i finally am passing it on....It will post tomorrow morning....Thank you SOOOOO much

  9. oh man! i'm going to have to try this out!

    (i hear stacey and clinton's voices in my head too :D )

  10. I am def going to have to try that.. my face needs something like that desperately :)

  11. wow this is awesome! i am totally going to look into this :)
    i love that show!!

  12. Ohh that product sounds very promising! Although I don't think we have that here.. maybe it'll come sooner. haha! Plus I think this'll be something new to the Filipino market :))

  13. Omg so I read your profile and saw you are from Bakersfield, and it just so happens that I was born there!! I lived in Lancaster area and different parts of Cali for 12 years. I've never been back but I would freaking love too. BOO HUMIDITY. But hooray Sally Hansen! (I will def have to check that out!)

  14. This sounds pretty cool. Thanks for the review! I'm not a fan of Sally Hansen products, but I think I'm going to give this a try. I have a hard time finding foundation a like, so what do I have to lose?