Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Striping on the Bike Path

Well I am happy to say i am back running in the wonderful bako air (for those of you who don’t know bako is known for it’s horrible air quality)! Isn’t it sad that i prefer this to the nice crisp of slightly thin air to tahoe :)

Anyways, yesterday was my first run back so i decided (since i didn’t get as many miles in as i normally would last week) to jump back in with a 9 mile run. For the past month and a half it has been colder so i have layered appropriately (shorts, long-sleeved cold weather compression shirt, tank top, and jacket). By the way this is also what I wore in the frigid cold of Tahoe snow. Yesterday I didn’t even bother to look at the weather or walk outside to see what the conditions were really like. However, when i was walking out to my car a little voice in the back of my hard head was like “wow it’s kind of warm today”. Should have listened but instead i proceeded to get in my car and drive to the bike path to begin my run.

The first 1/2 actually felt really good and I kept looking at my Garmin amazed to be going at a 7:30 pace and not feeling that tired..yay for being able to breath! However, as I continued to run i couldn’t ignore the fact that i was getting warmer and warmer and sweating more than usual.

Why i thought I should wear the same amount of layers in 70 degree weather as i did in 30 degree weather is beyond me!

I stopped at every water fountain so i could quench my parched mouth but then i started to get paranoid of drinking too much water and sweating out too much sodium and potassium (thanks running nutrition books now you’ve got me paranoid)! I hate running with my water belt and i didn’t bring any gel packets so i just continued on.

By the time i reached mile 7 I was on the verge of overheating (yeah something the hubs never thought possible b/c according to him i never sweat and am always cold)! I either had to stop and walk the rest of the way or start shedding some layers!

Now i am a very modest person..like i hate my stomach, avoid flashing it at all costs, and will only wear a two piece swim suit if the hubs begs me and i know there won’t be that many people around! So needless to say, the layer that really needed to be shed was on the bottom of all my layers and the only thing between it and my nude upper half was my sports bra. Now i know many people run in sports bra’s and shorts and i always think nothing of it, but i totally don’t have the nerve or confidence when it comes to exposing my torso (and i’m envious of those of you who do)!

But desperate overheating times call for desperate throw-all-your-concerns-out- the-window measures. That’s right folks, i did it, i stripped down right then and there to my sports bra (and then as quickly as i could put back on the tank top and jacket)! I did happen to notice that i picked the spot that was the most populated, complete with numerous construction workers to flash my blinding white tummy! typical.

Don’t worry though, i made it back alive and a little cooler than before :) And no i did not take pictures because

1) i don’t run with my phone or any type of camera and

2) again that whole exposing the tummy thing :)

Today however, I was a little smarter and left that extra layer at home which made my 8 miles a lot more enjoyable.


  1. Ugh! I'd have stripped, too! I hate that too-hat-to-tolerate-it pressure that happens when you start to overheat.

  2. First stealing clothes and now striping?! :) I feel the same way about my stomach!

  3. I agree with Ashley - little miss, you're getting kind of racy! What next? Just don't start acting all Lindsay Lohan!

  4. Wow, you're brave! I think I would have just suffered until I got back - I'm a very modest person too.

  5. Oh that is no fun when it gets really hot out of no where, I have had that happen to me too and it's tough to stay cool and know what to bring! Glad you are back in Bakersfield and get your nice temps back!

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  7. I will never understand how a 7 mile run could be made "enjoyable" but, you go girl:)