Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wardrobe Malfunction..

I think I have become really spoiled running in Bako weather where, although I’m heavily layered on the upper half of my body, i am able to get away with shorts on the lower half. Not that i mind wearing pants or Capri's, but I have been having a hard to finding ones with pockets and my shorts have perfect pockets for my keys and running essentials (like Gu for the long runs). I hate to carry anything in my  hands and although i know i should be wearing a water belt on my longer runs, i keep forgetting/not wanting to wear one and just stopping at the water fountains along the Bike Path were i run. Anyways, getting off track here!!

I have been on a pretty heavy duty/no joke training plan for a marathon (even though i have two 1/2 marathons in the next two months and the full isn’t until july). I figure since i have the time right now I might as well take advantage of it and get my body used to running a lot of miles so when the hubbs comes back we can train together for the SF marathon in July!

One of the perks of living with the folks right now is getting to tag a long on their vacations :) This week we are in Tahoe! Now don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled to be here and loving the down time but i freaked out a bit when i realized that our vacation up in the snow might throw a wrench in my running plan for this week (not to mention the weekend after we get back i am running in the Bako 1/2 marathon)!

I packed my running gear like the good runner i am, hoping and praying that there will be a long enough stretch to run on where i wouldn’t be slipping and sliding everywhere (no gym here = no treadmill)! We got here Sunday so Monday was my first running day! We are right on a main road that looked like the prime candidate for my run so I geared up and put on some new capri’s that I scored the other day (and they have pockets) b/c i figured running in shorts in the snow would be a no go!

I hadn’t worn these before but I figured they would work great! As i headed out on the road i was more concerned about my heal hurting (stupid Achilles tendon) and i failed to notice right away the my newly acquired pants may have fit okay while standing but were really struggling to stay up once i was in motion. it never dawned on me that since i found them on clearance at kohls and had to buy a small instead of my usual xsmall that there might be a problem!

Yup i was that person! running on the main road of tahoe having to keep my hands on my waist band so as to not flash the entire town as i ran by with my bright blue panties underneath! I am sure i was a sight! I literally had to stop about every 10th of a mile or so and pull them up as far as i could in hopes that they would take longer to get to the critical “I must stop and pull them up right now before another involuntary show starts” ! Luckily, the stretch I was running was only about 1.2 miles one way so I was forced to repeat it several times to get in my mileage for the day, which allowed me to stop back at the resort and change into my beloved shorts! the second half of the run was  a lot more uneventful for both me and the rest of the town! Now i have dubbed those pants “yoga only workout pants”!

If i have learned one thing from this little wardrobe debacle, it is to always buy running pants with drawstrings on them for this reason!  No free shows here people :)

Oh and on a random side note…I was running along focused on my own issues and i look over and what do i see…a dead raccoon frozen in a pool of water..ewww! Mr. raccoon now haunts me in my dreams!


  1. I wouldn't have thought about how they would fit while I was running either! It must have been a pain to have to hold your shorts up while you were running!

  2. LOL! You should've totally attached a pic! (of both the too big capri's and dead raccoon... on second thought never mind on the raccoon)

  3. Eww so gross about the raccoon! Eek! Have fun in Tahoe! :)

  4. Oh no that is no fun at all, yoga pants I guess are not meant for all of that running activity! Wow, three races girl - that's amazing! Just saw you are on DailyMile, just requested you as a friend so we can motivate one another. ;)

  5. Oh that is totally no fun at all! And poor little raccoon.

  6. Oh man! Been there! Glad no one got too good a peek at those panties!

  7. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I sent you an e-mail about the weight stuff. :-)

  8. Ewww on the raccoon disgusting!