Friday, February 19, 2010

Tomorrow is the Big Day..

So this post is going to be short and to the point :) I have talked a lot about running and training from a couple different races coming up, but i have failed to mention that the first of those races is TOMORROw! That’s right folks tomorrow i will tackle the second 1/2 marathon of my lifetime (with many more to come). And to make it even better it is taking place in my hometown, on the same bike path route that i have been training on! Bring on the Bako 1/2!

I ran my first 1/2 marathon in last September and fell in love! Now i am hooked and while the hubs is away I have signed up for some races to keep my sanity while he is away! I am excited but also really nervous (which is dumb b/c i would be running this much or more on a normal saturday). I have increased my pace a lot and so i am really hoping to get a better PR this round. Last 1/2 I ran it in about a 10 min mile but the last few times that i have clocked it I have been at a 7:45-7:50 min mile pace. I hope i am able to keep it up. Also, on monday my knee started hurting and so i have been icing it and trying not to push it too hard! Hopefully it will hold up!

Well wish me luck! I will be posting a recap after :)

Have a wonderful weekend all!


  1. What an improvement! Good luck to you!

  2. Good luck! Can't wait to hear how it goes! :)

  3. Ash, I am so proud of you for your hard work and your awesome running skills. I have been out of the blogging world for a while now, but I am going to get back in!! I had a lot of catching up to do on all your fun to read blogs....i don't know how I stayed away for so long! Love you girl, and had so much fun catching up with you last night!

  4. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood luck!!