Thursday, February 25, 2010

A mess of yesterday..

You know those days where everything is just off and you feel like crap..well yeah that was yesterday! It all started with the alarm clock going off at 3:50 am..really why the heck i thought it would be a good idea to try and run 7 miles before being at work at 7:30 is beyond me! But i tried to ignore how early it was as i did my pre-run routine. I had heard the night before that is was suppose to rain, so i was excited to see that it was in fact NOT raining when I looked out the window. Since I was running up by my parents house (complete with numerous hills..ahhh) I was going to have to run the same route twice so i decided to take the Charles on my first leg.

It is funny how dogs don’t seem to notice you waking them up at the crack of dawn as soon as they see their leash come out..oh we he soooo excited!

We headed out and he was doing pretty well. He doesn’t know how to pace very well so it is good to take him when i want to go faster b/c his average pace is about a 7:30 so he always pushes me. (I learned the hard way not to take him on my recovery runs..way too fast)! My route was suppose to be 1.5 miles out and back (3 miles total) and then drop off the Charles and head back out for another 2 miles out and back (4 miles) which is a total of 7 miles. Well at least that was the plan…

I have been having trouble with a tendon in my ankle (right behind the inside ankle bone) but i refused to let it slow me down..maybe not the smartest! The Charles was doing really well and when we hit the 1.5 turnaround so i decided to make the first leg 4 total so we went another .5 miles and then turned around. On the way back it started to sprinkle. We hurried to get back (me now really feeling the pain in the ankle) and the charles frothing at the mouth..come on boy don’t you know you have to hydrate!

Anyways since the rain was getting harder I decided to go out and back for only one more mile and then finish the last 2 after work. I hate running after work because being on my feet for 7 hours makes my legs feel like dead weight and it is so hard to run. At work i was limping around trying to ignore the pain and stay awake! I kept dropping everything and tripping over the mats. I only have a few more days of work left so i was trying to hold it together!

One funny thing was that they redid some buttons on the register so things were in different places and that being mixed with lack of sleep and pain was very amusing for the customers! They were all very nice about it and of course I did NOT keep forgetting to give them their cups or ask them 5 million times what the last part of their order was! Due to it being slow i got to leave a little early..yay! When i got home, fully exhausted i briefly pondered not finishing the 2 miles the stubborn runner inside of me barked the order to just get out and do it!

Why I thought i need to wear a fleece long-sleeved was beyond me (although i will say it was colder earlier that day) but for some reason from the time that i came into my house from work and then left for the run the sky cleared up and the sun came out a long with the heat! I finished the 2 with great difficulty and came back limping even more than before!

Last night i had small group for church and since i hadn’t been for the past two weeks I really needed to go! I iced and heated my foot before i left and then since we have our own drug supply here (all legal) my mom hooked me up with an anti-inflammatory patch. So there i was sporting the patch and heels to accompany my limp :)

When i got home that night the pain was even worse (stupid driving foot had to be the injured one)! Bring on the drugs mommy! She gave me 1/2 a muscle relaxant to take before bed, which i did and then didn’t go to bed right away. you know what happened then..i ran into every wall of the house (seriously these pills are not for the wimps and I couldn’t walk straight or function)! My sister was laughing at me as i attempted to brush and floss my teeth!

It knocked me out though and i slept better than i have for a while! note to self: don’t become addicted!

And now due to my stubborn running on said injured foot i have to stay down all day and not run for the next two days in hopes that it will be feeling a-okay for my 14 miles on satuday!

One quick side-note: Please pray for me b/c this whole reverse lent thing is really hard. I know it has only been a couple days but my pants are getting tighter and my mind is going crazy and i am doing my best to focus on God and not give into the intense desire to stop eating so much!!

Oh and one final request..i am trying really hard to get down a better eating schedule because right now i am not getting enough during the day and then end up eating a lot at night..IF anyone has a good eating schedule or advice could you please pass it on!! Thanks!

Oh and sorry for the extremely long post!


  1. Praying for you hun! And I bet a lot of that tight feeling is just your brain playing tricks on you. Mine does that all time. Don't panic! You're doing great!

  2. I'm sorry about your foot - I definitely think resting up will help you gear up for your run and you wouldn't want to injure yourself worse right? For eating I think if you eat small meals through out the day it might be easier for you. Be deliberate about it, just like running. You make up your mind to run - make up your mind to eat, ha ha. For me I eat dried fruits, nuts, carrots, anything that I can carry with me to have little snacks but healthy ones. You could also pack a roll with turkey on it - right now I am trying to actually lose weight so for me I am trying to stay healthy. I think you might want to eat more carbs if you want to gain. Good job taking the Charles with you and I really admire your running efforts. I ran 4 days straight this week and thought of you, I am going to run again tomorrow so that will make 5, yipee!

  3. Oh Sweetie! My heart is going out to you because I know how you must be feeling right now. Prayers are going out to you with your struggles. Don't give up!

  4. Stopping by from SITS to say happy sat. sharefest. Wow, that is a tough day! Praying for you now and would appreciate prayers from you as well as I recover from my oral surgery. Thanks!
    -Heather @