Saturday, February 13, 2010

Accidental Shoplifting Revealed

Well today was our last full day in Tahoe. Sadness. But I am also ready to go home and get back into the normal routine again (well at least normal for right now). In typical Ashley fashion, a trip wouldn’t be complete without shopping! I have to give a HUGE shout-out to my wonderful daddy who sacrificed his last afternoon to take his favorite daughter shopping (shhh don’t tell the sis)! So this afternoon we headed out on our shopping adventure.

Destination: The Summit in Reno, NV.

Mission: serious wallet damage.

When we got to the outdoor shopping mall the first place that we had to go was the Verizon store. Why you ask? Well because for some unknown reason the battery on my phone has decided that it’s life needs to be rather short so it is only allowing me to talk for about 15 minutes before it decides to end it’s little life and my phone conversation! It has been getting worse so we decided, since there was a store there, to stop and see if anything could be done. They talked a lot of phone mumbo jumbo and i handed over my little darling phone with the promise that in approx. 30 minutes new software would be downloaded and my phone would hopefully be reborn.

Since my dad was totally engrossed in the different phones I left him to research his to his hearts content with a promise that i would return quickly (or maybe just i would return). I headed out to shop to my hearts content (thanks Gram for the “just in case” money)!

I hit the usual stores..Gap, Banana, New York in Company (which I don’t go into that much but they were having good sales), and American Eagle.

BTW..Gap has the best, and i do mean best, t-shirts that are currently only $10 so hurry and go there now (well after you finish reading this post and comment of course).

Anyways, it was a lot warmer in Reno that it was up at our cabin and since I was dressed for cabin weather I was defiantly heating up! Needless to say each time I tried on clothes I neglected to put all of my original clothing back on (good think i’m really into layering). So as my layers diminished the amount of clothes in my purse expanded (don’t worry i’m getting to the point)!

New York and Company was my last stop before I returned to my ever-loving-researching father. I found some really good deals and when i went in the dressing room I laid my purse down and then put the pile of clothes to try on on top of my purse. I narrowed it down to the choice pieces that were soon going to be joining their new sisters in my closet. I paid for the clothes and then as i was walking out the door the alarm (you know that beeping that happens when they forget to remove a sensor and then everyone stares at you like you are steeling..or ignores you). Well the girl came up and checked all of my purchases and we couldn’t find any sensors still on so she told me to just come back if i discovered one later and they would remove it.

I found my dad and after a quick stop to get the essential frozen yogurt that i require to survive we started to head back. Luckily I reached into my purse to get something and what did i find??? OMG!!

Apparently, one of the shirts that i had intended to try on at NY&C had ended up getting mixed up with the other clothes that i had shed and put in my purse. Yeah totally didn’t pay for it! OMG i totally just shoplifted on accident!

shoplifter9_0sni courtesy of google images

So there i sat, holding the stolen shirt, while my dad is cracking up (he didn’t know he had raised such a criminal)! Well i had to return it..

I ran back into the store (and of course the beeping sensor thing went crazy) and tried to explain to the girl who had helped me before that i really didn’t mean to steal the shirt..really i didn’t (well maybe i shouldn’t have said “this shirt accidently dropped into my purse”). She just gave me a really confused look, took the shirt, and walked away! Well let’s just say i bolted out of there quick just in case she decided that she didn’t believe me and tried to call the cops.

That would have made a fun Valentines day adventure in jail!

Have a great weekend :)

Oh and don’t worry i won’t make this a habit!


  1. So...did you get your phone taken care of?

  2. only time will tell about the phone..they said that hopefully downlading new software should help if not i will have to get a new battery!

  3. Haha too funny! I'm glad nothing bad happened!

  4. Haha! Who cares what she thinks? You did the right thing, and that's what matters. :)

  5. You little thief! lol. It happens to the best of us! :)

  6. Ahh that's awful! I would have wanted to return it too... but you think they would have been a bit nicer about it! I mean, it was an accident and at least you returned it!

    Oh well, all's well that ends well, right?

  7. LOL! Yeah let's not make that habit! LOL!

  8. Ha! So funny - but she had to know you wouldn't be returning it if you had really meant to steal it! Glad you got some good deals at NY&Co. I get stuff there alot because there sales are so great.

  9. Lol that is too funny! Way to go Ms. Criminal!

  10. I always am afraid that I will accidentally put something in my pocket because I am carrying too much stuff and it will look like I am stealing! I would definitely forget to check my pockets!

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Come and view my note to you...

  11. Oh my! I've done stuff like that! You're a good person, though, returning it! The clerk should have been more appreciative!

  12. Awe! That is a totally honest mistake now! There is no need for that girl to think that you would ever ACTUALLY steal! And you were so nice to take it back after the fact did good girlie! Honesty is the best policy :)

  13. Wow, seems she gave you a weird reaction when you took the shirt back? I would have thought it was hilarious!

  14. Too funny! I'm glad you didn't have to spend your valentine's day explaining to the mall cops how exactly that shirt ended up in your purse! You did the right thing returning it and that sales lady was totally rude to you! She should have at least said thank you for making the effort to bring it back!

  15. Oh my goodness, I would be hyperventilating - it would be so hard to take it back and try to explain that you didn't mean to steal it! I would have run out of that store, I tell you. This whole post sounds like something I would do! Ha!

  16. Oh that's so funny! Scary - but funny!!!

  17. haha! That is an amazing story. I think I would have been freaking out too :)

    Stopping by from SITS

  18. Oh no! Ha ha a similar thing happened to me...I brought back the movie Time Traveler's Wife back to Target only to find out it was not ringed up at the cash register...a little awkward when when she looked at the receipt and said it wasn't on there! I told her to keep it and that I didn't feel right "taking it back" when it was never purchased, lol! I did have a lot of other stuff on the receipt so she must have just missed it. Glad you enjoyed your shopping, accidental shirt stealing and all, ha ha. :)