Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My First Tag...

So as I am still getting the hang of this blog business I was so excited to see that I received my first tag from one of my besties in cali :) Now I am not as much into making lists as she is (unless it has to go with food and then I am a total list maker..weird) but for her I will give it a go!

Here goes my first attempt...

Eight things I am looking forward to....
1. Warm weather (but I could do without the Humidity).
2. Having my wonderful and loving husband back and completely to myself (a month away is way to long)!
3. Going to see friends and family in California and getting to stay long enough to really enjoy it!
4. The wonderful "Magical Neighborhood" dinners that we better have while we are in Cali (minus a few on Vacation...sadness)
5. Many trips to Costal Flats for yummy bread pudding and getting to hang with Reno fam
6. Hopefully getting some fruit and veggies from my mini garden (although I think I killed them before I got to plant the..oops)!
7. Getting my store up and running on
8. Watermelon and White peaches...need i say more :)

Eight Things I did yesterday...
1. Hung out with my Best friend until I had to take her to the airport
2. spoke with the hubby through the amazing workings of gmail and voice chat (who knew?)
3. took the charles for a walk (he is much more well behaved the more active I keep him)
4. Yelled at the charles for digging a huge hole in the backyard (never mind #3)
5. Watched the new Here Comes the Newlyweds show with beth and laughed till a little bit of pee came out (go friends)!
6. Ate too much ice cream just cause i was bored (not a good habit to start)!
7. texted with the sis about three old and cute ladies in the airport (haha)
8. freakout about the prospect of substitute teaching when I don't feel like I know what i'm doing (I like to have a plan)...thanks mom for helping me calm down and come back to reality!

Eight Things I wish I could do....
1. Figure out how to get paid to go to school (I really love school)
2. Be more easy-going and not freakout over every little thing..allow God to have complete control and be okay with that (I'm working at it) :)
3. have my own successful on-line business and be able to do all the wifey stuff
4. go to culinary school, fashion school, and get masters just because I want to
5. not be afraid to get involved and make friends at every new place we go
6. relish the good times and remember what amazing friends, family and God I have (especially in the hard times) in the present!
7. be a guest on a food network show and get to see behind the scenes (i want to taste the food they actually make)!
8. live in the summer and sun all year round

Eight shows I watch.....
First I want to stay that I watch way too much t.v. (thanks to dvr) and it is hard to narrow it down to 8 but i will try :)
1. America's Next Top Model and Make Me a supermodel
2. Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill
3. Basically any reality show (ummm so excited for So You think You Can Dance)
4. The Bachelorette, The Bachelor
5. The Hills
6. Greys Anatomy and Private Practice (they are linked so I can put them together)
7. Project Runway and now The Fashion Show
8. Anything from the Food Network

Now it's time to tag Eight more....

1. Beth
2. Hols
3. Iva
4. Lil Miss Tabs
5. allibounds
6. A Sweetheart and A Soldier
7. Married to the Military
8. sensibly sassy

Have fun!


  1. Hi, welcome to SITS! I saw that you were new and wanted to stop by and check out your blog. Love your interests. I too love Greys and Gossip Girls. Also, fashion school seems awesome. I am going to try to go back to school at night to see if I want to get into fashion and interior design. Thanks for your blog and I'll have to check back soon!

  2. Great list! I had no idea GMail had a voice chat thing - I'll def. check it out!

  3. yeah it's like the best thing ever...he is overseas and we are able to talk for free when we are both signed in..oh and if you have a webcam you can video chat too!

  4. Stopping by from SITS. We use Skype to video/chat with family and friends that are far away. What a difference "seeing" them makes. My kids get bed time stories read to them by their best thing to having them close by. Love the lists!

  5. Thanks for the tag, its my first tag too!

    btw, I just noticed your location in your blog profile. That's so close to me! I'm having lunch there tomorrow, actually.

  6. 7. be a guest on a food network show and get to see behind the scenes (i want to taste the food they actually make)!-- I'm with you there!!! :)

    Thanks for the tag :)

  7. Thanks for thinking of me :) Honestly, I bet I've done just about every one of these out there and people are probably sick of hearing my answers over and over, haha. But if I get a free moment I'll try to fill it out for you!