Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Try-em out Tuesday"

Okay everyone...I'm starting something new!!

It's called try-em out Tuesday...In an effort to save us all from the continuous callings of the cosmetics companies that are always coming out with new products that will "change our lives as we know it" at a fairly decent price. For instance, have you ever stood in the cosmetics section of Target trying to pick out mascara and wondering what does a better job..cover girl...maybelline...loreal..ultra volume....lenthening...extension..etc. Well wonder no more! I have decided to donate my body and my pocket book to the science of discovery :) The gist is that every Tuesday I am going to try out different products ..BUT I NEED IDEAS PEOPLE! Believe me..i have plenty of my own and I love the fact that this gives me an excuse to try them ...buy hey it's not all about me! I want to know what You all are interested in? What have you been dying to try but have not had the courage/drive to fork out the cash just to be disappointed with one more product that is no different from the other 20 million you already own.

On that note...

IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE JUST COSMETICS...i am willing to try anything from lotions, make-up, undergarments, to diet food (I think I have already tired most of that though), recipes, the ideas are endless!!

I will document with my observations/experiences with these try-outs as well as pictures to back me up!


1. anything goes but it has to be something that will provide instant feedback opportunity...it can't be something that will take months/weeks to show any sort of results.
*unless there is something everyone is dying to try and we might be able to make an exception!

2. I'm not rolling in the dough....so please...inexpensive is key!

3. have fun..this is meant to help us all out!

I will be starting this Tuesday June 2nd. So please provide your suggestions in the comment section!

like i said I have a lot of ideas but the main purpose is to help out all of you ...SO GIVE ME YOUR CURIOSITY!


  1. Great idea for "Try-em out Tuesday"! Thanks for following my blog!

  2. woohoo this is exciting! you so so cute, willing to be a little ginnie pig!

    whats first on the list to try?

  3. I was thinking a spay on foundation that I found?! But I would love suggestions!! Anything anyone has been dying to try??

  4. OH i think this is an absolutely terrific idea! Can't wait to read/watch your experiments! haha

  5. There is a little tag for you on my blog if you want it :)

  6. what about trying the cheapest nail polish vs. something average price? cheapest as in 99 cents, and average as in Revlon not OPI or anything pricier than that. {you don't have too...just throwing out ideas}