Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ursula..A car after my own heart :)

So I will first preface this with the fact that it has been raining for about nine days straight (with a few hour breaks here and there) and I don't like the rain! I actually get really down when it is raining! I have been having a really hard time at work and yesterday as I got up I can't tell you how excited I was that it was Friday!! That coupled with sun for the first time is who knows how long...well this is going to be a good day :) Ursula (my car) and I have been having some conflicts lately, she doesn't like it when the weather is always makes her sluggish and her tires have to be filled with air (and it always happens when I don't have time to deal with it)! Yesterday as we started our hour treck to work the sun was shining, the weather was warm, and boy did she have some "pep in her step"! I had to watch myself as I would look down several times and be like "whoa, I didn't know I was going that fast!" All I have to say is that she has now proved that, just like her mom, she is a cali girl and loves the warm weather!! Come on New Jersey...let's quit this whole rain business (I think we have met your quota for the year)!

*for those of you who wonder why my car is named Ursula here's the back story. before Ursula I had a white toyota carolla named pheobe (i am totally obsessed with Friends). she was such a good car and I loved her...but when i got married I sold her to my sis (and oh how i missed her so). last year we got a new toyota carolla in black and decided to name her Ursula (because she is black and Ursula is Pheobe's evil twin). We had to stick with tradition!

*sorry the camera is with the hubby right now is spain so I can't post any pics!

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  1. oh tell Ursula its going to be ok!! Its a bit rough out there in NJ, but if she hangs on just a bit longer she'll be on her way to brighter days soon :-)