Friday, May 29, 2009

I Survived!!

OMG I survived my first sub job! I had recently signed up to start substitute teaching on base and was originally going to start in the fall (because I had a job at the current time). But as tends to happen in my life, the other job (which was a temp job) ended early and I thought "hey I should just start subbing right now" since NJ schools go through most of June. Well lets just say that after that I freaked and pictured kids gone wild as I try to control them with my feeble attempts at discipline! They called a couple times but due to previous obligations I was unable to accept and was I oh so relieved! The more I thought about it the more freaked out I became...there was no way I would be able to handle a class full of kids let alone TEACH them anything..not me!! I even called the district yesterday to see if I could observe first so that I would have some idea of what to do. They said sure but the lines of communication are usually clogged at some point in the system and I received a call this morning to sub!
I tried to explain my convo yesterday with the district...tried to plead my way out of it....tired to sound as pathetic as possible so they would say never mind...(oh and yes I do know I can just say no but those words don't come easily to me)....But oh no I was their last hope..there was no one else...and as previously discussed about saying no...I said yes! Lucky for me it was for a resource center teacher so I was only dealing with a small group of kids at one time. Thank you Lord! However, although it was only a small was a very special group of young 3rd graders! I survived though and I even had a little fun!
I also had fears of the other teachers disapproving of me and besides being the only one in nice pants and heals (didn't know it was red white and blue casual day and I always have to be in heals) they were all very nice and accepting!
The kids were quite entertaining when I was ready to throttle them (I refrained)! I also have to admit that it was very rewarding when I saw them start to understand what I was teaching them! Also since it is a military school it was neat to see the kids perspectives on moving all the time and the different places they have lived.

I have learned three things about myself today...
1) I really shouldn't freak out so easily about everything because a lot of times the end result is not going to be the end of me!
2) I really need to brush up on my's embarrassing when the students have to correct me but as one student told me "It's okay, everyone is allowed to make mistakes"!
3) I don't really think I ever want to be a much stress... but I give them even more props now (i'll just stick to subbing)!


  1. I've heard how hard subbing is. Congrats!

  2. Aww, I'm sorry you were so worried. I know it must be intimidating walking into a building where you don't know anyone. Honestly, the teachers don't judge the subs at all! We don't worry about whether the sub has it together or not...we are more worried about our own class! As long as you don't leave our class a mess and refuse to give the kids their work, we're just glad you showed up!

  3. thank you guys for your encouragement!!

  4. Aww, that's good that it went well for you. I'm seriously considering doing some subbing once I graduate and move home permanently.

    Yea, he's stationed at MacGuire, actually. I totally feel toned already after only 3 days of the's definitely worth the $8.99 from Amazon, lol.

  5. This all sounds so exciting! My dad is a coach/teacher and he teaches 2nd grade which means its a lot of hard work but at the same time he really has fun with it and loves the kids to death! I hope everything goes well for you! :) Im sure you can handle those kids! :)