Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Day of Mini Freakouts

Let's just say first off that this day has been anything but boring! Now I know in normal circumstances the experiences of the day would not have been too big of a deal. However, when the hubby is away and out of calling reach I tend to freakout over the littlest things.

Also, those of you who know me or birthed me know that I am a worry wort and tend to get anxious really easily. So here goes the day....

What was promised to be a sunny and slightly warm day started out a little overcast. I however was not going to let my plans for the day be affected by the not as nice weather! For my first weekend alone I planned to head to my favorite breakfast spot (Corner Bakery..ummm) with a arm full of books and time to relax and experience good food and words from/about my Heavenly Father. When I got in the car however I remembered that Ursula (my car) had a leaky foot and the low tire pressure light was on. I had been neglecting it for many days and I knew with about an hour drive head of me (I know that sounds long but when you live out here nothing is really "close") I knew I needed to address this before I left. I headed over to the gas station frantically trying to remember my husbands instructions on how to put air in the tires, which is something I had never done before (I know..spoiled). I checked the leaky tire and tried to put air in it as well as the other tires but the light still was not going off and then the rain started. I was not about to stay out in the rain so I decided I had given it my best shot and I would try it again later.

As I started driving though I experienced freakout numero uno...did I put too much air in the tires??? am I going to get a flat while i'm out??? Is my tire going to burst???? who would i call to save me???!!! Now normally this would cause me to just turn around but I was on a mission for good food, God fellowship, and possibly good shopping (the malls next door). As I drove a little longer the light when off and I could relax again :)

I made it to the restaurant fine and enjoyed a nice (but late) breakfast and reading. Everything was going well and I decided to head to the mall before it got to be too late! The sky had cleared and the day was turning out gorgeous.

I had a great time of leisurely shopping (which I try not to do too much when Josh is with me) and was really enjoying myself. We had gotten a cash back gift card in the mail from Verizon so I was using that to fund my shopping excursion! However, when I reached my last shop I had already spent the last of the card and as I went to pay for the item with my debit card mini freakout dos started! Where was my card???? I had used it at corner bakery so I knew I had brought it with me. As soon as I left the store I searched my bag (which is very big, full of crap, and always hard to navigate), I went through my wallet like five times, I searched my pockets (I have this habit of sticking my cards in my pockets and then forgetting where I put them) but no luck!

I frantically raced back to the car and searched all the crevices there. then i headed back to the restaurant certain that I must have left it there! luck! I went back to Nordstroms and asked them if they had found luck! I finally gave in and admitted that the only option left was to call and have the card cancelled. I was fine with that but also a little worried that 1. it would mess up josh since he is overseas and has his card with him (however they said it wouldn't affect him) and 2. that since he was gone I would have no way of getting cash until the new card arrived. however, after working in a debit card theft area of a bank before I knew those little inconveniences would be nothing compared to someone getting a hold of my account!

I arrived home still all in one piece (and with some cute new clothes) and realized that I am actually getting better at handling this little freakouts when the hubby leaves. Also, it is always fun to be greeted by a big wet tongue and floppy tail when I arrive home from a stressful and exciting day! The Charles and I went for a walk and everything was better :)


  1. I love you my wife, and you do SOO amazing in my absence. I'm so very proud of you and your ability to take these challenges head on and conquer them!

    You are my hero my love, and I can't wait to come home to you.

    Love, your boy!

  2. you did it!!! great job making it through the bumps! so Ursula? how does a car get that name :-) ?

  3. haha...well My fam and I are obsessed with "Friends" and I had a white carolla that I named Phoebe and when I got married I sold her to my sis. Now we have a newer black carolla than I named Ursula (b/c she is Pheobe's evil twin)!

  4. LOL!! very creative! that's hilarious. Well, it's a pleasure to meet you Ursula! :-)