Monday, August 30, 2010

Ready for Fall – Day 5

One of the big things I am still amazed with after living in Utah for a few months is the Utah storms. We live closer to the mountains so the storms seem to pass through rather quickly. I love how it looks like fog is rolling in (mainly because I grew up around dense fog) and it is actually rain rolling in that is only there for about an hour (or two minutes) and then moves on. It has been rather hot lately which makes running more difficult. I never thought I would ever yearn for cold weather but the more into running I get the more I appreciate cooler weather. Really, I used to love love hot summers of 115 degrees but now I can’t wait for them to be over!

So imagine my delight when I woke up today to 50 degree weather :) I usually really dislike rain but today it was a welcome change. It stayed for most of the morning but cleared up just in time for our run. Now it is the best weather ever! Oh and the run was totally easy due to the temp :) It totally smells and feels like fall. The high mountains are caped with snow and it is crisp and clear outside. The views are amazing! Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I can’t wait for leaves and pumpkins and hot tea and of course candy corn!!

I am totally not going to think about how this is only a teaser and it is suppose to go back to the hot weather later this week :( I am going to live in denial the rest of the night and pretend like this is my normal for right now.

By the way, I am totally stoked for the snow to come to the mountains because it is beautiful.

Oh but it did make me nervous when on the news they said the snow was in the mountains just above Logan UT which is where we are running on marathon in three weeks! I love the snow but not for a marathon…oh well i’m sure it will work out fine :)

What is your favorite parts of fall?

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  1. I am loving the cooler weather too! It makes for easiers runs after work. But you are right, I hear it's supposed to get hot again, so I'm not getting too excited. I have to say my favorite thing about fall is College Football! Sounds silly, but it's so much fun atleast here in Boise!