Saturday, August 28, 2010

I think I have that – day 3

I hadn’t been to the movies in like forever, well like 4 months, so the Hubs and I decided last weekend to check out The Switch. So freaking cute!! I had figured it would be a really good movie because it had some great people in in (Jenifer Aniston and Jason Bateman). But to my sort-of-surprise they paled into comparison to the little guy. I am serious when I say he totally stole the show (or movie in this case)! I really just wanted to jump into the movie and steal him away as my own..don’t worry though i’m not partaking or condoning kidnapping but he was so cute!

One of my many favorite parts was when Bateman was explaining to him what hypochondria was and he states with big wide eyes “I think I have that”. I turned right to the hubs and said..that is so going to be our child :) Yikes are kids really have no chance because I have major anxiety (maybe even a slight case of hypochondria on occasion) when it comes to hearing about ailments and then freaking out! The funny part is that I never actually follow through with my fears, I usually just sit in silence worrying to myself that my toe is going to explode due to a major blister and basically giving myself a panic attach unbeknownst to anyone else.

Yes, I know sad and a little pathetic but sometimes I can’t help it. I know it runs in the family due to the fact that the women on my side suffer from anxiety. But the bad part is that sometimes there actually is something going on and I end up in the hospital due to very low potassium levels. Does anyone else do this?? Do you ever get a pain or a symptom that could be something scary and then freak yourself out worrying till you go to bed and are able to sleep it off?? I am working on it and trying to trust God but sometimes I get a little crazy :)

Anyways, so yeah, when I saw this movie I just couldn’t help having a flash into the future (hopefully our kids will take after their dad though). I knew watching this movie would make the baby fever super intense and I was right! Such a good movie and you totally have to go see it but just remember I already have dibbs on the kid ;)

Happy Saturday!

Oh and PS we made it through the 18 miles with minimal blisters and it went pretty well..thank you God!


  1. I thought the movie and kid were cute fave was when he got into the fight and was all 'I wanted you to be proud of me'

  2. Aw, we don't have snow-capped mountains yet! I'm jealous. :-) That sounds beautiful. I love fall too!