Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fro-Yo loyalty-Day 4

All of my friends and family know that I have a huge huge sweet tooth! It is seriously bad and I am trying to tame the beast but one of my weak spots is frozen yogurt. I totally love the self-serve places and have to stop and try every one I see (I’m not joking, ask the hubs). For the first two years in NJ there wasn’t a self-serve fro yo place anywhere near us. To make matters worse, my favorite fro yo place back in cali closed down so I had no where to turn. To my extreme delight last year a new and slightly expensive (but who can really put a price on fro yo) self-serve frozen yogurt place opened up. I was so excited it totally didn’t matter that we had to drive 40 minutes there to indulge in this treasure, I made the Hubs take me there a lot! Luckily I had an amazing friend in NJ who also shared my love of frozen yogurt and would make the trek with me as well.

When we moved to Utah I was ecstatic to see that there was a new self-serve fro yo place about 5 minutes from our house (and yes it did cross my mind at how dangerous this could be). The first week we lived here we literally went every night. At first I was embarrassed that the same girl worked every night and started to recognize us. The embarrassment passed though, and I soon embraced my obsession with frozen yogurt. We have made friends with the manager and even request certain flavors such as peanut butter ..yumm! I am glad that the hubs also loves frozen yogurt (though maybe not as much as me) so that I don’t always have to get it alone, though I would if it came down to it.

When I was in SLO (San Luis Obispo) last week I was so excited to return to my first and favorite self-serve fro yo place. It literally got me through the first 1/2 of my freshman year of college. However, while I was shopping around I also happened to come across a new self serve place and of course had to try it as well…so yes I ate two full cups (one from each place) in the matter of a few hours. Yikes!

Since I practically live at target I have been keeping my eye on a frozen yogurt place that they have been building for the past few months. I get so excited when I see new places but I have to remind myself that not all frozen yogurt places are self serve and well basically I am a snob when it comes to this stuff and won’t go unless it is self serve. As I watched them build the place I was excited to see that it looked like it would fit my standards.

On Thursday when I went to target I saw balloons at the frozen yogurt place. And you know what balloons means…they are open!! I almost forgot why I was even in that area (to go to target of course) and ran over to check out the new goods. I was greeted with many new and yummy flavors as well as supper yummy toppings! I had to try it out but I did my best to restrain myself and only get a little since I knew I would have to sample it more with the hubs later that evening since they had his favorite flavor. It was amazing and when I went home I googled them and found out that they offer many many yummy flavors that I can’t wait to try! Oh and the toppings are the best in the area.

So here is where the problem lies. I feel like I am cheating on the first fro yo place but I totally love the new one! Luckily, the first one is closer so we wont totally abandon it but I do feel a little guilty! Also, in an effort to curb my sugar intake the hubs and I have made a rule where we can only get it once during the week and then on the weekend (but only once a day on the weekend). Yikes, this is going to be tough! As I found out yesterday when we do our long runs I crave sugar more than ever so I am glad those runs fall on the weekend :) So anyways, I guess I am not a very loyal frozen yogurt partaker but I have to go where my heart and taste buds take me :)

Do you have a favorite frozen yogurt place?

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one so in love with self-serve fro-yo. I haven't found any here yet:( It's tragic, really.