Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 2 of bloggy randomness..

Okay so I should have guessed this would happen..while vacuuming yesterday I had all these crazy good ideas for different posts and I thought to myself “hey self, you should really write these down so you don’t forget” however I did not and then when day two came (today) I literally can’t remember any of the ideas from yesterday. Man I knew my dyson was an amazing sucker-up of dog hair..but ideas, I had no warning :)

Anyways, so needless to say I am glad I gave you all fair warning about the content of this next month! Hopefully my memory will return but for now I am going to share with you all what is taking over my mind at the moment. Well two things actually..I just returned from a job interview with a temp agency out here (I had worked with their office in NJ) and I am hoping that something good will come out of this because holy smokes I need a new wardrobe (more on that in a different post)! The girl was supper nice and we totally talked about skiing out here and all the fun races to run.

Which brings me to my second mind takeover…tomorrow’s upcoming run and the blister that has taken over my pinky toe..ahh! The hubs and I are T-minus four weeks (I think) from the Top of Utah marathon and so we are revving up our long runs in preparation. Last week we did 16 miles which went really well but when I got home and took off my new kicks (yay for new shoes) my pinky toe which already had a black toenail felt very tender and bouncy to the touch. It wasn’t until a few days and runs later that I finally realized I had a blister that had taken over the top of my toe. During our run on Wednesday it was really starting to bother me but I can’t afford any down time right now.

After the run I did a close examination of said toe and found that the blister had now moved around the toenail and so basically I felt like my toenail was floating and not attached to my toe (weird I know)! That night I woke up several times to a throbbing sensation and I think the pressure from the blister was just getting to be too much. We had a run planned for yesterday so I didn’t want to go to the doctor or anything in case he said I couldn’t run yesterday or saturday. I mean it’s just a bad can it get?? However my sleep is a different story and I knew I would be dying on our long run on sat if I didn’t do something about this asap! So what did I do? I googled of course!

Dr. Google said that I could pop and drain the blister on my own (don’t know why I didn’t think of that) and then wrap it during the run. So in an effort to keep the wound clean I busted out my extra needles and syringes from the fertility stuff and stabbed that sucker several times. What happened next was not a pretty sign but a welcome one since as it drained the pain lessened :)

We went on our run yesterday and it did actually hurts worse when I am walking than running! I had to wear heels to the interview today which wasn’t that pleasant of a feeling but luckily my running shoes are more comfy. Tomorrow we have to tackle 18 miles and I am hoping it won’t cause an issue..oh and that it won’t rain!

Well that’s all for now…be back tomorrow with hopefully all 10 toes intact :)

Happy Friday!

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