Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Try’em Out Tuesday – taming the beast

Okay so I know that I am late on this but at least it is till tuesday (which is better than I have been doing lately)! This special edition of Try’em out Tuesday is for all of you wonderful dog lovers out there :)

If you recall from my posts here and here sometimes I have a hard time controlling the beast currently known as The Charles. According to his latest vet weight he is now a whopping 87 pounds which isn’t a whole lot less than me…oh and he’s a whole lot stronger! During one of my ventures out with the Charles (trying to help him get his exercise on) one of my kind neighbors took pity on me and let me in on a little secret for big dog owners. She claimed that this insiders secret was the key to keeping me sane and my dog alive!

However, being the cheap person that I am I never could actually get myself to spend the money on this special product..I just decided that it would be a good workout for me to try and use all my strength to control the Charles when we went out in public (much to all of my neighbors dismay)!

But guess what! ..that is what grandparents are for :) When I was on my cali vacation this summer my MIL came to visit the hubs and came bearing gifts for her grandpup!

So now we come to the big reveal of this weeks feature product(s), the miracle of all miracles, my one and true sanity keeper..

The Gentle Leader leash and worker backpack (can’t remember real name)!!

ohio 002 ohio 003

ohio 004

We put soup cans on the side of the backpack and it makes the Charles feel like he is working, has a purpose, which is good for dogs. It also gets him tired faster which we love as well! Let me tell you folks, if you struggle to control you big dogs then this is a must have..please don’t wait as long as I did to take advantage of these wonderful product! The gentle leader also comes with a training dvd (which I didn’t see till right now when I was looking at the case.hehe) but i’m sure it would help with the taming of the beast dog as well! I don’t really know why but he is a lot easier to control with this leash than with the pinch collar.

Oh and one other funny little tidbit…we have no idea why but The Charles tends to freeze when he has anything put on his back (like literally doesn’t move a muscle) so it is really funny to watch him freak out when we put it on him. He is getting used to it though and he is also finally learning who to properly mark all of his hydrants on the walk without falling over :)

Have a wonderful night!

Oh and these products get an A+ ..the Charles agrees b/c they have probably saved his life!


  1. I have to use the Gentle Leader with Marvin, too. But I've never heard of the cans. I like that idea.

  2. Hmm, cool products! My dog is little, so I may not need them as much. But I tell you what, she has been breaking a couple of leashes lately when I tie her up with them! (In fact, that's what my most recent blog post is about.) So if you know of any leashes that don't break (I used the thickest, strongest one we could find), let me know!
    Great post. :)

  3. i dont have a dog but that sounds like a genious idea.. soup cans?!!??!?! love it! haha!

  4. HAHAHAHA!!! charlie was TOO funny when we got to witness the backpack at your house :) he's so cute!

    we'll have to look in to one of those leashes...callie is HORRIBLE on walks. well, it might help if we actually took her on walks regularly, but that's besides the point ;)

  5. Oh my gosh, so hilarious! He looks all stiff in the pictures, so glad that you found something to tame the wild doggie ways! What a great idea, hope it continues to go well! :P

  6. Mia only like 12 poounds so it probably wouldn't be a good idea to out soup cans on her back...damn! :) lol