Friday, September 11, 2009

Charles and the lake..

The ride to the cabin was a fun experience for the pup! He totally loved sticking his head out of the window while we were going slow! However, as soon as we hit 50 mph he promptly let us know that we was content staying inside the car :)

cabin pics 010

The Charles loved the Cabin..let’s just say his nose had a little party with all the new smells!

cabin pics 011

The Reno Rents (my in-laws) have all hardwood floors that are pretty slick in the cabin so it was quite an experience for the pup. I totally wish I could have documented the Charles trying to figure out how to walk on the floor that didn’t give him any traction. He was slipping and sliding everywhere and for a while wouldn’t even move. The boys however, did what they do best and got him riled up so that soon the fear of the floor was a distant memory for the pup.

One of the all time best times this weekend was the meeting of two totally different environments..the Charles who is only really used to dry land and the lake that is well..wet! We had really wanted to take him out on the boat and give him the full experience, but well, the water was cold and we are wimps (I wouldn’t even get near the wet cold stuff)! I have to say though I loved feeling the crisp cool air and looking at the beautiful clear skies..fall was defiantly around the corner. Now back to the Charles..we had to document his first real water experience (what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t)!

So without further is the Charles in all his water glory..

cabin pics 017

cabin pics 016

cabin pics 014

cabin pics 019

and here is a little video fun..

(p.s I have been having trouble with the video portion so I hope that you will be able to view it!)

Let’s just say that I still think he is not totally sure about this whole lake thing but I am confident that once he is thrown in experiences it a little more (maybe when it’s warmer) he will soon be a full fledged water-lovin pup!

Have a great Weekend :)


  1. looks like charles had a great time! i'm always so afraid when doggies stick their head out of the window.. i feel like they could somehow jump out or get hit or something! haha im so paranoid!

    have a graet weekend girl!

  2. He he, I agree, looks like Charles had a wonderful time, how fun! All of the pictures showcase such a joyous time and the video turned out great as well. Happy happy weekend!

  3. Charles looks a little hesitent about his water adventure! :)

  4. Love the video! Dogs in water are a fav of mine!

  5. "his nose has a little party"

    That was really cute! Love the cabin!

  6. Looks like a great weekend.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  7. Fun, fun!! Love cabins and on a lake too! Lucky you....

  8. Hi, Ashley.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest.

    I remember the days when our "child" was of the furry, four-legged variety. Enjoy these times. :)

  9. Just dropping in from SITS!!

    Charles is adorable! We have a puppy too, Diesel. We want to take him out to the lake and see how he likes the water, we think he will be a swimmer :)

  10. Thanks for visting my blog. I also love your blog. Have a great day

  11. What a lucky pup! Oscar loves to swim...but I can't let him swim in open water anymore. This one time when we were living in DC, he swam away in the Potomac River after some ducks. Some random guys had to SWIM way out and save him. I was 100% positive he was going to drown and it was extremely traumatic!!! So now, only small creeks for little Oscar. He can't scary Mommy any more.