Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Last few weeks....need I say more :)

Okay so I have to first apologize for the lack of blogging that has been coming from my new computer lately...yeah that's right a new computer! The time finally came when I had to buckle down and buy a new computer after my computer started it's slow but steady death (I have to admit it has been a trooper and survived numerous drops on the ground and cross country trips over the last few years)! But alas when it started to shut off randomly and everyday it was a guessing game as to if it was going to work or not, i had to give in to the shinny new computers in Best Buy. Although my dream computer is a Mac book pro, I am really pleased with my more affordable choice, a Toshiba.
Anyways, I apologize again for my absence, all aspects of our daily life have seemed to change dramatically these last few weeks and things became really crazy!
I find it rather amusing at God's timing on things sometimes! For those of you who haven't realized, I am a crazy stresser and worrier and tend to obsess over all aspects of my life all the time. It has been one of the things that I have been continually trying to give fully over to God but I often find myself taking it back without realizing it and then all the sudden it hits me and I have to give it to him again! I have found though, that if I keep returning to Him and giving over my worries, slowly it is getting easier to leave them with Him! I love God and his constant patience with me!
I had to laugh though, when a few weeks ago I was worrying all the time about finding a job, moving, and figuring out the next steps in our lives. I was trying to turn to God a lot but I still found myself constantly worried or tense. Well, I got a full time job two days before we moved followed by the fact that my mom was coming to visit and now I would be working the whole time! I knew that it would all work out but I had to wonder (and stress) as to the timing of it all since the last few weeks I had sat on my butt with all this free time and no job or impending move. Finally I just had to let go and I really feel that God used this time show me that he is in control and even if I don't see why He is allowing things to happen in a certain order, He knows and that's all that matters.
I worked for a day and then we moved three weekends ago into our new house on base. It is very nice and I promise I will post pic's soon! That was followed by trying to get everything unpacked before my mom came and going back to work that Monday. My mom was totally cool with having an packed up house but I wanted it to look nice for our first guest, and it is really crazy how quickly moving goes after the fourth time in two months. The next weekend the hubby and I headed out to Ohio for a wedding while my mom puppy sat the Charles and recouped from the flight.
I then returned to work the following week and got used to the spoiled life of coming home to a home-cooked meals and a clean house via my mommy :) Thanks mom!! I was such a blast to have her here and get to share some badly needed time together! My new place of employment is rather far from home (about 45 minutes to an hour drive) so it has been an adjustment figuring out when to get things done around the house.
Now on to my newest addiction...sewing!!! You heard right...Ashley is sewing. I used to be craftaphobic, but it my older years all of the sudden I have been obsessed with learning how to express my newly found creative desires. I have been wanting to learn how to sew for the past few months (or years) but I couldn't justify spending the money needed to get started. My wonderful mommy not only hooked me up with the goods but guided me along as we completed my first sewing project; a new blouse in less than two days :) I was so much fun to go to Joann's and get to pick out the patterns and fabric and my wonderful Gram helped me get started as well (she is the true sewing champ of the family...go Gram!!) If I have half the genes that the two generations above me possess and I think I will be okay :)
I am in the process of starting my second project, a dress, and I am documenting it so be prepared that there might be many sewing posts coming in the near future!! Project Runway here i come! haha I can truly say I am addicted though as I continue to have sewing dreams and sit at working dreaming of working on my creation when I get home. Oh and I have to mention that I am addicted to the fabric store, there is one by work and I stop like everyday (but I mostly just dream and project at a time)! Pics will be comming soon as well as the next update!

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