Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is just the begining :(

One day many more to go??? It has only been one day (basically) since my amazing hubby has been gone, yet it feels a lot longer :( One of the most famous sayings passed along in the military life is that as soon as your husband leaves things start to go wrong. Well that's exactly what happens!! Luckily everything has been pretty easy to handle so far once I get past my initial freak out and I even feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when I figure out how to handle it myself! It is hard not to get to talk to him all the time or text him when random thoughts pop into my head or better yet call for help when the tire light comes on, the trash needs to be taken out, or the cable and Internet go out because of a power surge...I could go on but that's not what I want to focus on. I really feel that this can be a great time for both of us individually as well as for our relationship together. I know that sounds strange but I think that God is allowing us to be separated for this time to renew/remind me of my need for reliance on God and my love and appreciation for my dear husband. I know for me it is really easy to get caught up in all that is going on and "get used" to the hubby always being here, that I lose sight of some of the precious parts of our marriage and how special he is to me :)

I miss him so much already! I really want to take this time to strengthen my relationship with my other true love and continue to work on turning to him when I am feeling discouraged or sad or whatever; as well as strengthen my relationship with my husband! My work environment is probably what I would consider the opposite of uplifting and I am the ONLY Christian there. It does make it hard and I have been noticing that I have been allowing them to influence me instead of the other way around. That is NOT acceptable to me and I am NOT okay with it!! It is time to really get down and dirty and dig into God's word so that I have my armor fully intact when I enter the office every morning and better yet that it is still intact when I leave the office every night! These are things that I probably would not have noticed or at least not acknowledged if I didn't have this somewhat lonely time by myself..Thank you Lord! Please pray for me and my strength to endure this time and to make the most of it instead of wishing it away! I am also looking forward to trying to grow the friendships that I have made here and be there for my friends that are in the same husbandless situation that I am right now :)

Now The Charles on the other hand is another story!! Him and Josh have this amazing dad/dog bond and Charles has been whining all the time since Josh left. It is really sad but I can't help but laugh sometimes! I am trying to play with him more and give him lots of attention but I know it is not the same! Hopefully he will snap out of it because I don't know if I can handle his high-pitched whine for the next month!
I will be trying to post more and hopefully they won't be as long as this one, but that way the hubby can see (or more like hear) what is going on with the fam back in good old NJ :) (We love and miss u Babe!)

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