Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What to do with my LIFE????

Okay everyone...I know I have not been very faithful with posting things lately. I keep writing different posts in my head but they never actually make it on to the computer screen! My sis and I decided that we should just be able to think things and have them magically appear on the invention??...come on all you smart people this would be magic :) Anyways, thank you all who stick it out and still check my blog to see if I actually allowed some thoughts to make it onto the screen!

So for those of you who aren't aware I feel like I have been on a quest to find some type of job I can do and like well enough to stick with it and not hate/dread going to work each day. So far no luck! I wouldn't be so bad just dealing with the feeling so dread, except for I think that all of this anxiety that I feel towards work is starting to make me physically ill...hence the emergency dentist and doctor's appointments I have to make this week. I have been wanting to go back to school for a while to get my masters but the thought of working in Business or anything truly related to my degree does not sound very appealing to me. I love school and I have always loved the learning process. So this love for learning and a talk with my dear mommy got me thinking.....Maybe I should teach?!

Now I know this is not an easy job at all, but it would be a rewarding job that gives me a better schedule, allow me to be active and interact with people/kids, move around easier than some jobs (since we are never in the same place for too long), and pay pretty decent. My plan would be to go back and get my teaching credential and Masters through an online university and then hopefully be able to teach wherever we go next. I would eventually love to teach college but that would be down the road.

I am also trying to decide whether it would be better to go the elementary ed route or single subject and teach middle/high school (most likely social science). I really enjoy the older ages and would love to be involved with the high school activities so I have bee leaning towards the single subject route...however, I am concerned that there won't be as many jobs that route as opposed to elementary ed. For you teachers out there...any suggestions???

I would love to hear any and all thoughts on this matter!!! Thanks for listening (or I guess reading) my attempts to figure out my life! For now I will continue answering the phones for lawyers and trying not to get yelled at by people who never get calls back!

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  1. Teaching sounds awesome Ash! You would be good at it. Keep those kids in line. Know what ELSE you would be good at? Adopting many little adorable asian babies and dressing them in GAP clothing and going to parks and libraries. How bout it, huh?

    Just kiddin'. Sorry to join the crowd in a plug for kiddies. I will be calling you soon... was going to go out of town for the weekend but now I'm not so it's totally FREE. WOOHOO.