Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dentist Office Humor

So for those of you who don't know...I HATE going to the dentist, and for good reason too! You see I have not had the best of luck with numerous dentist that I have gone to and It seems to be a trend that they end up doing things to my teeth (like fillings or crowns) that according to the next dentist were unnecessary. I also have very weak teeth so in the last few years it seems that more and more problems have arisen in this pie hole of mine :) When I first came to new jersey two years ago I was having a lot of problems with my teeth and I found a dentist that I really like. He had to put a crown on one of the teeth and I was suppose to keep coming for cleanings and check ups, however, as you guessed it....I don't like dentist so I never went back. That is until ..... a new problem arose :( It all started last week when I started to have sever pain in my mouth and pretty much the whole right side of my face. I couldn't figure out what was wrong and some people in the office suggested it was my sinus' and I went and bought a bunch of sinus/allergy med's (they are expensive!) It worked a little bit but the next day the pain had moved more to just me teeth and gums! I didn't know whether it was my sinus' now or my teeth and I didn't have a doctor to go see (that is another story for a different time) I was able to find a doctor but they cant see me for a couple weeks. Finally I had to break down and admit that the dentist might be my best option since the pain wasn't going away and I could barley eat. However, once i decided this I realized that it had been two years since I had been there and I couldn't remember my dentist name or where he was located! I know, I know ..i'm pathetic! Well once I secured my dentist I left work early on Wednesday for an emergency dental appointment. My teeth already hurt a lot when I arrived so I begged and begged them not to do any "tests" like the cold/hot thing but they informed me that it was the only way they could find out which teeth had the problems! I gave in and it didn't hurt as bad as I anticipated! The funny part came though, when he was doing the tapping test on my teeth to see which one was hurting. As he was getting ready to perform the test he held open my mouth with one of his hands and his finger was pressing on my front tooth and he used the other had to tap. As he tapped each tooth he asked if it hurt and on the first tooth he tapped I said "well it doesn't hurt but it I feel pressure on my front teeth" he gave a really surprising look and moved to the next tooth; well he moved his other hand too and then it dawned on me and I said "Oh, never mind that was just your finger causing the pressure" We both (along with the assistant ) started laughing but maybe because i was nervous I couldn't stop and every time he tried to finish working on my mouth I would start laughing again and I couldn't open my mouth.

It was a little bright spot to my not so fun situation, however we still don't know what is wrong and the pain is still present....but at least I can laugh about it :)

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