Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random episode of Try-em out Tuesday – Gap Edition – Day 13

I bet if you haven’t guessed by now…I am kind of obsessed with Gap. Except for the fact that I am too short for most of their pants (which is easily solved by wearing heals which makes my legs look longer) I love the way their pants fit. Oh and I do realize that you can get them hemmed to fit but I like feeling tall..totally worth the sore feet :)

I finally realized my obsession with Gap jeans and well jeans in general when about 1/2 of my closest is taken up by them and I am still always buying more! Moving right along…since I have been looking for a job I realized that I need more dress pants. Now those are hard to find for me! I am very picky on how they fit and they are also not very cheap for something that I don’t actually have a place to wear them yet so I have just kind of been “looking”. When we were at Gap a few weeks ago I saw that they had several new styles of dress pants. And yes, I had to try them all on even though I wasn’t planning on buying any. That is when I fell in love with the “Perfect trouser” pants. All I can say is soo cute and soo comfy! The have a two-way stretch that makes them very nice to wear.

I had a 30% off coupon (I know me and my coupons) and I really wanted a black pair but they didn’t have one in my size so I decided to get the gray pair. My plan before the accident was to go back when the next round of coupons were valid and get the black pair too..I mean when you find pants that work why not? Then I lost the coupons so yeah I was sad. But when we went this weekend because my brother in law wanted to go to JCrew I not only talked them into giving me new coupons but I also saw that the pants were on sale for $35! I really just wanted to black pair but again that didn’t have my size in black, just in the gray which I already had and blue. So what did I do? Get the blue of course!  But guess what I still have the coupons so I can totally get the black, but I am going to a different Gap because I am obviously having no luck!

If you are looking for quality dress pants you should totally check out the selection there! Here are the pants I love..

First we have to have the description:

Introducing our perfect trouser. Ready to work overtime, this pair is designed to flatter all shapes. A perfectly tailored silhouette gives way to a slightly flared leg. The end result: stylish, poised looks.

And now the picture:

gap pants

I totally love them but like I said..gap has 7 new fits so if these don’t work for you then I am betting you will be able to find a fit that does!


  1. Oh yay I love try-em-out Tuesday! And yes, cute dress pants are SO hard to find! Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely have to check this style out. I've been meaning to go there anyway because I saw they have a bunch of new styles of black jeans I want to try too.

  2. I need to try these pants! It's so hard to find a fit that flatters my odd legs and butt!

  3. I totally never guessed you to be short! Funny! This gal needs some new work clothes asap

  4. I'll have to try those out! I LOVE jeans, but I don't get to wear them enough b/c I work in an office. :( But, nice dress pants - def. going to have to look into them! Thanks!