Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Coach Love via the BX – Day 7

One of the great things about having access to the BX (base exchange) is that they carry Coach purses for discounted prices..oh and did I mention that we don’t have to pay sales tax there! So yeah, today when I was there looking for new running shoes on the strict order of the hubs (I guess my “old” ones have too many miles on them) and I just had to stop and look at the purse selection. I mean how could pass that up?

So there I was carrying a box of shoes, shorts, and a shirt with my wallet, keys and sunglasses, trying to navigate my way through all the fabulous purses. Yeah it takes talent..maybe I need a purse?? So I decided to take a browse. Oh and they also carry Dooney and Bourke so I had to drool over those too :) Although the Coach handbags are discounted they are still way over my price range so all I can do is drool :) But as I was standing there my eye caught the clearance rack sporting coach handbags..hummm.

That’s when I laid on this amazing handbag and fell in LOVE! It is totally the perfect size and the color will go with anything…and it’s Coach! Oh and well it’s on sale so it was meant for me right? I even tried it on and I knew we were meant to be together. We will not mention how while I was mesmerized by this fabulous purse I tripped over my supper high heals, fell into another woman and broke my new we won’t mention that but it was totally worth it. Oh and a little supper glue will fix the said broken shoe.

Moving right along…here is a picture of one that was around the same style but the purse I loved was a tan/gold color and way hotter (I couldn’t find the actual picture but this is close without the shoulder strap)..


It is really amazing how you can start to rationalize prices when you are surrounded by such hefty price tags. Suddenly $150 doesn’t seem so bad compared to $250-300. I know, not good! I blame it on the new season of Rachel Zoe..I mean really, it brings out the shopping monster in me :) I was standing there thinking..this purse is bananas!

I even had to text my hubs and tell him about it…can I say birthday present ;) No really though, it is a good thing I am trying to be frugal while not working because I was totally tempted. I really need to go on a shopping hiatus but there are so many cute things out there and I have Gap coupons!

Oh well a girl can dream ..

PS I have already made the hubs promise me that when we ever get pregnant I can get a Coach baby bag :)


  1. I am a Coach purse addict. My parents just got me a new Coach diaper bag for my b-day. Love it! They really are worth the money because they have a lifetime warranty on them..I've sent a few back for repairs and when they couldn't repair them, I got a brand new one! They are major (to quote Rachel Zoe) that show!

  2. Our NEX has them, too! So hard to resist! They have Vera Bradley, too, and I love them! It's almost downright reasonable to buy that stuff on base!