Thursday, September 2, 2010

Heading to Cali via Vegas – Day 8

In about two hours the hubs will be getting home from work, we will head out for our run, finish packing and then drop the Charles off at puppy camp!

Where are we going?? Well glad you asked…we are heading to Vegas tonight and then onto Bako the next day. I am so excited to get to see everyone and be there with the hubs (every trip I have taken there in the last year has been solo)! Since we are leaving later we didn’t want to do the whole 11.5 hour drive today so we decided to break it up and stay in Vegas overnight :)


Yay for yummy food and some shopping Vegas style! Since we are living within driving distance my parents decided it was time that I took all my crap lovely memories out of their house. The hubs gets an extra long weekend due to labor day so we decided this would be the perfect weekend.

On friday night we get to see this crew for a little magical neighborhood get together!


Then Saturday the hubs and I have to tackle our 20 mile run..yay for lower elevation :)

My brother in law is coming down too from Edwards AFB, it will be so nice to have most of the family in one place for the weekend :)

Stay tuned for bako happenings in the next few days…it shouldn't disappoint! Have a wonderful Thursday :)


  1. Have a great weekend chica! So jealous you're hitting up Vegas!!!

  2. Have a great weekend!