Sunday, July 4, 2010

On the road again…

Right now I am sitting in Goodland Kansas. What’s in Goodland Kansas…well honestly…nothing! We are stuck for the night in small town USA to the extreme! Not that I have anything against this area, but when you are trying to find someplace to eat for a person who refuses to eat fast food for the most part (aka me) well there is little or no hope in good old Goodland! Oh and since it’s the 4th of July the limited options are even more limited..we did however find the smallest WalMart Supercenter I have ever seen! Everyone is supper friendly here though so I can’t complain too much :)

It really doesn’t feel like the 4th of July to me since we are spending it inside the Holiday Inn express. However, even though we aren’t celebrating in the traditional way, I am still so very thankful and proud of all the men and women that serve our country and have served and sacrificed to give us the freedom we celebrate today! Thank you all!

So now onto the good news…we are almost done with our cross-country road trip and in two days we will be arriving in Utah! It has been a pretty uneventful trip so far, which is how you always want a road trip move to go..right?! As usual with road trips any myself, my tummy has been increasingly annoying during this trip and it seems that the more we are in the car the more painful cramps and whatever else is going on get! I am still on a never ending search to find the right road-tummy-friendly foods that won’t add to the problem! It hasn’t helped that the day we left (day after the BFN) AF came for a visit which has added a whole new dimension to the tummy issues!

Anyways enough of my complaining! I am really enjoying the time I am getting to spend with the Hubs and the Charles! We are been very fortunate to find mostly pet-friendly hotels so the Charles hasn’t been stuck in the car too too much (although I am sure he would argue that)! I am looking forward to tomorrow because we are driving through Colorado and I totally love that drive! We are also planning some fun stops, such as the best outlet mall complete with an amazing creek that runs through it in Silverthorne CO and then onto the best pizza place I have ever eaten at (Beau Jo’s if you are ever in CO and looking for a good pizza place). My favorite part is that the pies come with a really thick crust and the bring honey out to the table so you can dip the crust in the honey..believe me it is amazing!

Well that’s all that’s going on around here for now :) I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th!


  1. Glad the trips going well even if there's hardly any food options! :)

  2. You are doing such a great job being positive!

  3. That stinks that your stomach gives you problems on road trips! Colorado is beautiful, no?

  4. That stinks that your stomach gives you problems on road trips! Colorado is beautiful, no?

  5. I'm ready to hear about your fertility news! Hope the move goes well. :)

  6. Love those outlets in Silverthorne! I'm glad you are having an uneventful trip.