Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Try’em Out Tuesday – the sensitive teeth dilemma

I am the first to admit that I have horrible teeth and also that looks can be deceiving! My parents spent big bucks to fix these buck teeth of mine and their generosity had given me a very nice smile, however, that is where the “good” aspects of my teeth end.

blog pics 180 (those are my post-braces teeth)

P.S. I had horrible buck teeth when I was little so it really was a huge blessing to have the braces and I am not complaining about that at all..I owe my parents big!

For some reason, call it genetics or unfortunately chalky teeth quality (which the dentist informed me I have), but I have seen the dentist all most as much as I have seen my family these past few years (and I much prefer seeing my family)! I hate going to the dentist because it always seems that no matter how much I brush, floss, and mouthwash the outcome is always the same…”You have several cavities and you might need a root canal and don’t forget about the crowns, so you might want to take out a second mortgage right now”!

Um yeah so basically I avoid the dentist as much as my aching mouth will let me! Which brings me to my review for this week..toothpaste! Now before you stop reading and go on to a more interesting blog…hear me out because the right toothpaste can change your life! Have you ever had a toothache??? Well if you haven’t I don’t know if we can be friends (JK but I am very jealous!). For all normal people who have had or chronically have toothaches you know that they can severely impact your day and life and sleep and well you get the point..they are no fun!

Unfortunately for me the last few years I have become friendemies with this thing known as the toothache. I love love frozen yogurt and Ice cream but sometimes even the thought of it makes me shiver in tooth pain. Not to mention the intense pain of eating on the left side of my mouth (especially with hot or cold stuff)! I have tried numerous sensitive teeth toothpastes, but I also want the benefit of having nice white teeth and who doesn’t want to rebuild their tooth enamel so as to avoid future problem..ie dentures (believe me sometimes they sound tempting)!

Well guess what??? This wonderful toothpaste delivers on all levels! Yup..Sensodyne Pronamel has saved my teeth sanity!

Now let’s go to the official website and see what they have to say about this teeth-saver:

“Looking for another good reason to switch to Sensodyne® ProNamel™? Sensodyne® ProNamel™ does everything a daily toothpaste should do - it removes plaque, freshens breath and prevents cavities. But it doesn't stop there - Sensodyne® ProNamel™ is the #1 dentist recommend brand for protection against acid erosion.

Sensodyne® ProNamel™ also helps you to protect your teeth each time you brush. It’s scientifically formulated to harden your enamel, which is under attack every day from acidic foods and drinks, including salad dressing, yogurt, fruit, soda and wine. It also contains a special ingredient to relieve tooth sensitivity -- the twinges, tingles or aches you can feel after consuming something hot, cold or sweet.

Get into a healthier routine

Without the right dental products and care, acid erosion can damage and discolor your teeth -- and compromise your smile. But now there's an easy, effective way to help protect against the effects of acid erosion: Sensodyne® ProNamel™, from the makers of Sensodyne®.

If you're one of the millions of people who have acid erosion signs or risk factors or tooth sensitivity, it's time to make the switch from ordinary toothpaste to Sensodyne® ProNamel™. What makes Sensodyne® ProNamel™ different?

  • It is formulated to be low in abrasion so it's gentle on your teeth.
  • It is pH neutral or non-acidic to minimize acidity in the mouth.
  • It has a high fluoride uptake to harden enamel and make it more resistant to acid attacks.
  • It contains the maximum strength FDA approved sensitivity ingredient (5% potassium nitrate) to help relieve and prevent tooth sensitivity.
  • 4 out of 5 dentists recommend it for protection against acid erosion.

Brushing at least twice a day with Sensodyne® ProNamel™ can help you to strengthen your enamel -- and keep your teeth as healthy and beautiful as they can be. Sensodyne® ProNamel™ can't reverse any dental problems already caused by acid erosion. But it can harden your enamel and help to protect it from further damage.”

If you want to learn more about erosion of your teeth and other Sensodyne facts go here.

I have to say that Sensodyne is more expensive than some of the other brands that also promise help with these teeth issues..but the results don’t even compare! I saved the money on the other brands and caused myself a lot of mouth pain in the process! Now If you don’t have a lot of teeth sensitivity problems then crest or collgate would be fine but my fellow teeth suffers shell out the extra bucks to save yourself many head/toothaches! It really is worth it!

Hope this helps!


  1. ...but how does it taste?????

  2. it tastes minty just like other toothpastes! it doesn't taste bad at all :)

  3. Ahhhh! This is great to know for me, my teeth are SO sensitive I even HATE drinking a cold drink without a straw (and I prefer no ice most of the time!). Although I haven't ever needed braces, it seems like every dentist trip includes something (cavity/crown/whatever) - I hate it sooo much because I am really good about brushing/flossing!

  4. Oh I too have this problem! My husband brushes his teeth once a day and I haver never seen him floss and he has ZERO cavities- it makes me sick. I on the other hand just finished getting a crown and root canal, which is such a process!!!!!!! i like this toothpaste too :) You should be their commercial gal!

  5. I may have to try that - I have that problem too! I have a few cavities right now and I had to get my first root canal about a year and a half ago. Ugh.

  6. I"m over from SITS. I wanted to tell you it's really easy to make a new page on blogger. Just go to where it says "posting" and then click on "edit pages." There's an option for "new page." Just click that, and you're on your way!

  7. This is great Ashley! Glad your teeth are happy now. :)