Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shopping Victory...Score!!

Any girl that has ever gone shopping for jeans knows the frustration on not finding anything that fits right and the pure joy when you come across the perfect pair of jeans! More often than not I find myself facing frustration as opposed to joy. However, it is not only the fit that you have to worry about but also the constantly changing trends make it almost impossible to keep up. One of the most popular trends right now is the skinny jeans. Now I know that everyone has them, but for so long I refused to give in to the trend and purchase a pair for myself. However, the more and more that I was confronted with this "new trend" the more I found myself getting sucked in :0
I finally decided to give in to the skinny jean phenomenon and I started my journey to find the perfect pair of skinny jeans. After many failed attempts and several stores later I found the perfect pair. The were the right length, fit in the legs and waist, and best of all they didn't significantly impact my bank account! Who knew Old Navy (one of my last stops) would be the victory winner! I loved these jeans and I was so excited to wear them.
After only two wears of the new jeans we packed up and moved to the temporary lodging. I was so careful to make sure and pack all of the clothes that I would need in the temp lodging separately so that they would not get put in storage. However, once we got settled I went to find my new jeans so that I could complete the outfit I had been brainstorming all morning and they were gone! I searched every place in our small quarters, both cars, and everywhere else I could think of. At last though I had to come to the conclusion that by some freak catastrophe my jeans were put in storage :(
I thought..it's okay it will probably be only a month at most. A month however is a very long time in the fashion world and my mind was not willing to admit the jeans were gone. I tried to ignore all of the cute outfits popping into my head centered around these new jeans (isn't it funny how you always want what you don't or can't have at the time). Finally though I broke down and decided to buy another pair..hey that way when we do move I will have two pairs.
There was one problem though...I couldn't find them anymore!! I went to two different old navy's and neither one had my size anymore. I was getting very discouraged! I held on hope though because in the words of my sis.."skinny jeans have magical powers" and today the third time was the charm!
As I walked to the jean area of the third old navy I couldn't help but hold my breath..would they have them? I looked and there they were...my jeans in my size...could it be true!! Just to make sure I tried them on and they fit even better than the other pair! OMG! I was so excited and now I don't have to get sad every time a new outfit pops into my mind!
Thanks for hanging in there for my odd little story...i know, I have such an interesting and exciting life :)

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  1. you are hilarious. you know this story would have been even better if you would have told it to me over stir fry at elephant bar... but reading it over the internet will have to suffice for now. ;)

    you better post some pictures of your adorable self in those hard sought after skinny jeans1