Friday, February 13, 2009

Open Sesame..

It is amazing how the crazy little things provide a person with laughs for days. I am happy to announce that are precious pup is with us again. I picked up the butt waggin little guy during a wind storm and he was bouncing or being tossed everywhere so excited to be back with us. However, he started to get confused when we didn't return to the place he has known as "home" for the past year. There were little changes that he just wasn't sure what to do with.

Exhibit A: Automatic doors. There are two sets of automatic doors as we walk into our building and at first charlie was very unsure about how they opened and if he was allowed to go through them. Once he saw mama go through them though he figured it was okay and followed behind (although still don't think he likes the noise). Needless to say the Charles has gotten rather used to doors just opening as he walks through them (i know he's a little spoiled..not like he ever really opens doors on his own though). Yesterday Josh took the pup on a walk outside while I was cleaning the kitchen and all of the sudden I hear a big thud on the door. I run out to see what the noise was and there is a very stunned looking dog and josh cracking up...apparently charlie now thinks all doors should open automatically and he walked face first right into the closed door! Poor little he's a little more cautious although I have tried several times to see if he will do it again :)

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  1. HAHAHA that's hilarious! poor charlie :P

    i hope you guys get into your house SOON!