Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Are we moved yet????

I know that the typical saying is are we done yet (or are we there yet) but I feel like we are in this continual moving world lately! Let me first start off saying that I know that I probably make this moving process a lot harder than it should be...I mean maybe I should have waited to fully unpack until I knew we would be in the lodging longer than a week but I like to have all of my stuff in its proper place (you can say it I'm a little OCD)!

Today started out like any other day in our life of Temp lodging, nothing too big going on but just enough to keep me from being bored out of my mind. However soon all of that would change....
we got word we could move...OMG! Oh but before you get too excited for us we were just moving down the hall to pet friendly lodging. It was not totally what we had hopped for but at least we would get our dog back for the time being...oh how we have missed sloppy wet kisses and adorable puppy eyes! Don't get me Wong, I am so happy that we are getting him back but this did involve packing up all of our stuff (which we already determined maybe shouldn't have been fully unpack yet for reasons such as this) and move them to the other end of the building.

We rushed back and I started loading everything into any type of bag I could find while my wonderful husband carted all of our stuff down to the new room. We got everything moved in under two hours and I even cleaned out the fridge in the process...yes we have only been here for a week but I can accumulate a lot of food as my family knows very well!! The nice part was that the new room is laid out exactly like the old room so these isn't a huge adjustment process, i don't do well this adjustment processes.

Okay...confession it goes. Since the room was laid out the same I spent the rest of the afternoon making sure that everything was in the same place as it was in the old room. I know, I's a little crazy but it had worked so well this last week that I didn't want to change anything :)

There is still no more news on the ETA for the new house but as I said before I remain hopeful! At least for now our family will be back together :)
I am going to pick up the pup tomorrow after he has been freshly groomed and ready to go. He has this new obsession of marking everything inside new places as well as outside to stake his territory so hopefully he won't pee all over the new room :0

Although it has been nice to not have to worry about taking the Charles out to go potty or making sure he isn't eating everything in sight...each day it has been harder to be away from him!

Hang on Charlie we are coming soon......

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