Sunday, October 6, 2013

23 Months

Since my baby is going to be 2 in less than a month (2 people, where did the time go?!) I thought it might be fun to actually do an update on the little monster, I mean little guy (though monster fits him a lot of the a loving way of course).

Huds is such a fun little kid and although a lot of the time I feel like putting him in a permanent time out or worse I wouldn't give up any of this time with him. And when I get one of the coveted Hudson hugs all challenging things leave my memory (both Josh and I agree there is nothing better than a Hudson hug). As I have thought back over the last two years I have realized that he was a very easy baby but has become a very challenging little boy.

This little adorable guy has more energy than I could ever explain to anyone that has not met him. My mom (who had three kids in the span of 3.5 years) has said numerous times that he has more energy than My brother, sister and myself combined when we were that age..yikes! Yes it can be a challenge (like today when I got to chase him around REI and pick up all the stuff he was kindly re-arranging on the shelves) but it can also be a lot of fun. For the most part he is a really happy kid and fairly easy going with our constant on-the-go schedule (I can't stand to be home all day). I figured it would be easiest to do bullet points for his likes and dislikes so here it goes:

Hudson's Likes:

- TV (he is constantly asking to watch PBS kids and whenever we go anywhere and he sees a TV he starts getting all excited and will do anything to get to it. It has become a joke at the nursery at church and bible study because he is "the Kid who always wants to watch TV". It is mostly my fault since we have it on a lot at home and I let him watch the DVD player in the car).

- Climbing on the back of the couch, he has had many time-outs for this but it doesn't seem to matter to him.

- Kitchen utensils, He has a whole toy corner in the living room but all he plays with are random kitchen utensils most of the time.

- The vacuum, he begs me almost every day to vacuum and then he loves to get out the swiffer and broom and pretend to clean the cute.

- The Charles (our dog) although Charlie still isn't sure if he likes Hudson that much. Hudson calls him "he" but if he sees me give the dog attention he starts to freak out (a new baby is going to be interesting).

- People, Huds is not shy at all and loves to tell everyone he see's "hi" and "bye" and many other things no one can understand. He also doesn't like anyone to be left out and every time the Hubs takes him and the dog outside he won't leave until I come with them. He says "come, come" and does the cutest hand motion. Die :)

- Outside, he loves loves being outdoors which I totally didn't mind while it was warm but am quickly realizing that this is not going to be fun in the cold.

- Dancing and jumping, Hudson loves music and loves to dance and it is so cute. He also loves to jump around anywhere, on the ground or the couch or wherever he can.

- Playing with Dad, They are so cute together and it warms my heart to see them play together.

- Showers, recently hudson threw up as soon as he got in the bath so we quickly decided that Josh would give him a shower since he took the majority of what came out of huds mouth and ever since then Hudson begs us to take a shower.

- Talking, Hudson "talks" all the time. Although he is still mostly on one word phrases he is constantly saying something and it is starting to become easier to understand. He knows a lot of body parts and loves to point out feet or shoes. He also knows mom and dad and whenever I am folding laundry he loves pointing out all of dad's clothes. He can count to 3 pretty easily and is getting closer to counting more. He is also getting pretty good at animal sounds and can do the cutes monkey moves.

- Books, Hudson loves reading and if I allow it we can sit for what feels like forever a read one book after the next. He also loves reading to himself which is so adorable.

- Milk, which is all that he survives on. He loves milk and we go through at least 2 gallons of whole milk a week.

- Banging things with whatever he can get his hands on...future drummer?

- Running, he runs everywhere and is really quick.

Hudson's Dislikes:

- Food, this kid is seriously the pickiest eater I have ever met. Like I said earlier he mostly survives off of milk and will sometimes drink pediasure or smoothies but those are rare. Most of the time he wont let anything into his mouth and if you try and trick him he will start to "choke" and then proceed to throw up. He will eat annies fruit snacks, donuts and cookies and he loves mike and ikes but I am really trying to limit his sugar so yeah he mostly eats fruit snacks and yogurt and milk. He is an average weight and height though so the doctor isn't worried and I have pretty much given up worrying about it.

- Being told what to do, we have a VERY stubborn kid on our hands.

- Being confined, he is not one to sit still and if you try and get him to stay in one area it is not pleasant on anyone.

- time-outs, we have recently been trying to be good about starting to discipline and since Hudson likes to be in the center of everything we have found that time-out's seem to have the best effect. I think he has started the "terrible two's" early so this has been an almost daily thing for us lately.

- Shopping, he is usually pretty good for a little bit was gone is the supper good shopper that he was as a baby :(

Overall he is a really good kid and we love him to pieces. He warms my heart everyday and I am so glad that I am his Mommy! I can't believe he is getting so big!

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